When the year-end approaches, most brands have gotten into the habit of creating a ‘wrap-up’ based on the users’ usage. Spotify is not the only one to do it with its ‘Spotify Wrapped.’ Food delivery apps like Zomato and Swiggy have also been sharing their yearly insights since a while now. Isn’t it cool to know what was your most ordered dish and even more interesting to know what the country has been ordering?

The development of online food delivery platforms has been a boon to people. It has now become so easy and convenient to satiate your cravings or call for your favourite dishes from your favourite restaurants – at just a click of a button. Zomato annually releases its “How India Ate” statistics which give an insight into the country’s eating habits.

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The #1 Dish

Guess which dish dominated the food-ordering trends chart…*drumroll*… it’s BIRYANI! Once again, the rice-based delicacy emerged as the ‘most ordered dish in 2023‘. As per Zomato’s report, over 10.09 crore biryani orders were placed on the platform in 2023, which is enough to fill eight Qutub Minars in Delhi! Swiggy also releases a similar year-end report. There too, Biryani bagged the first position in the most-ordered dish for the ninth consecutive year with 2.5 biryanis ordered per second

Zomato most ordered dishes 2023 report trend biryani

The food delivery giant did something special for the user who ordered Biryani the most this year. Subhash turned out to be Zomato’s biggest biryani fan. He ordered 2800+ biryanis in 2023. The brand created a satirical video featuring a paid actor to act like Subhash. This was their ode to him, where they assumed how a Biryani fanatic acts on a daily basis.

Coming In At #2

We have PIZZA securing the ‘second most ordered dish in 2023‘. This Italian dish has got over 7.45 crore orders placed this year. The total orders can fill an area larger than five Eden Garden cricket stadiums, the delivery giant said.

Zomato most ordered dishes 2023 report trend pizza

Just like they did for Subhash, Zomato created a similar video for Asha – their biggest ‘chai‘ fan. Here too, a paid actor demonstrated how a chai lover would act in the form of a satirical video. The real Asha ordered tea 1100+ times in 2023!

Made It To #3

Pizza was followed by Noodle Bowls which holds the third position on the list. With over 4.55 crore orders in 2023, Noodle Bowls made it to the ‘Top 3 most ordered dishes.’ Zomato stated that the total yearly orders of noodles were enough to wrap the Earth’s circumference 22 times. 

Zomato most ordered dishes 2023 report trend noodle bowls

Gulab Jamun Fan

Apart from Biryani and Chai fans, Zomato also paid tribute to the biggest Gulab Jamun fan. Anuj ordered 1400+ gulab jamuns last year. Talk about having a sweet tooth! But we get it, Anuj. It’s Gulab Jamun after all.

Some More Stats

Zomato has also crowned Bengaluru for the highest number of breakfast orders, while Swiggy called the city the “cake capital.” At the same time, Delhi bagged the tag of higher late-night orders. The food delivery platform revealed that their largest single order of the year was worth Rs. 46,273 which was placed by a Bengaluru user. Similarly, a Mumbai user placed 121 orders in just a single day. 

Zomato most ordered dishes 2023 report trend Hanees highest food orders

Another unusual order includes a Bengaluru resident sending 1,389 gift orders worth ₹6.6 lakh. Wish we had friends like that *sigh*. A Mumbai user named Hanees was crowned as the “nation’s biggest foodie” for placing about 3,580 orders in 2023, averaging nine orders in a day!

All this food talk has got our mouths watering. We’re going to go order ourselves a delicious meal, you should treat yourself too!