Iconic Moments of TVF Presents Gullak 

Relive the iconic moments of TVF's "Gullak," where heartfelt & humorous stories of a middle-class family perfectly capture the charm of everyday life.

The "Fail Hi to Hue Ho" Speech

This heartwarming scene features Santosh, the father, comforting Annu by saying "Fail hi to hue ho...zindagi khatam nahi ho gayi," wins our hearts.

The Pressure Cooker Mishap

This hilarious scene shows a funny cooking mishap with a pressure cooker, capturing family moments.

One of our favorite scenes where Aman asks Annu to buy him something from his first salary, reminded all of us of our older siblings.

Sibling Rivalry

Santosh's Hilarious Monologues

Santosh often breaks the fourth wall for comedic effect in the show. Bringing a special element to the show's storytelling.

Shanti's Witty Remarks

Portrayed as the perfect middle-class housewife, our best dialogue was "Khabardaar agar kheer ko kisi ne haath lagaya toh."

Best On-Screen Sibling Moment

When Annu set aside all his party plans to help Aman with his school fees using his first salary, it became one of the most heartwarming sibling moments on TV.

 Importance of Family Dinners 

Gullak highlights the significance of family meals as a time for connection, conversation, and sharing stories.

Best Scene Ever!

This scene was enough to make a grown man cry.

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