8 Wildest Moments from the Amazon series "The Boys"

Here are 8 of the craziest moments from the Amazon series "The Boys" that showcase the show's most intense scenes, surprising plot twists, and memorable action sequences that shocked fans.

A-Train's Hit & Run

The moment it all began: Hughie & Robin were having a romantic time when A-Train accidentally killed Robin with his super-speed.

Popclaw Facesits To Death

Popclaw kills a man by suffocating him with her body while engaging in a sexual encounter with her landlord.

Due to the mistake & over-smartness of Ashley, Homelander's secretary, the choices were compromised along with the potential new member of The Seven, Blindspot.

Blindspot's Career Ends

Termite's Ill-Time Sneeze

This is one of the grossest moments, as Termite accidentally sneezes at an inopportune time on his partner's private area, splitting him in half.

Courtroom Chaos

The most bloody & chaotic moment that no one saw coming, was when heads of attendees at court started popping up to cover the high-profile hearing.

Deeps Octopus Dinner🐙

Deep is forced to eat a live octopus as a result of his loss of power and control, rendering him vulnerable in the action.

Homelander's Headshot

One of the best headshots, excluding the lethal aspect. Homelander uses his superpower to subdue a protestor & receives applause instead of being detained. Odd but factual.

Whale Explosion

Running away from Deep in the sea, The Boys barges with a speedboat in a giant whale, making it a dreadful & sad moment.

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