Yahya Bootwala Opens Up On Poets, Social Media, And Honest Content

Catch Yahya Bootwala open some strings on poets, social media, and honest content on social media on The Social Nation Show


Yahya Bootwala is a multi-faceted personality, including poet, writer, storyteller, actor, and anchor. A common 9-5 corporate personality turned a well-known spoken word artist.

Accidental Beginnings

Yahya underlines that the most beautiful things in life happen accidentally and cannot be planned.

He started his career after post-graduation, initially working in theatre. Eventually, he moved from a regular job to focus on writing & performing full-time.

Career Start

First Gigg!!

His first performance was simple & dream-like, with a mic and over-enthusiastic & supporting audience, allowing him to freely share his material.

LIVE Performance>>> 

He enjoys performing on LIVE shows more than social media. He feels a deeper connection with the audience during live interactions.

Social Media Truth Bombs

He didn't focus much on social media initially, believing that, "logo ko kala ki samaj ho na ho, unko imaandari ki samajh zarur hai.”

Thoughts On Relevance & Virality

He believes in focusing on honesty in creating content rather than chasing virality, ensuring the credibility of his work.

My Inspirations Are...

He draws inspiration from poets like Sahir Ludhianvi, Gulzar Sahab, Mirza Ghalib & Zakir Khan, admiring their profound writing and impact on the industry.

Secret Sauce

Yahya values continuous learning, reading extensively about poets & their works to stay informed & relevant in his field.

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