The 9TEEN Spilling Beans On The Social Nation Show

Catch The 9TEEN revealing secrets on inspirations, viral moments, and artificial intelligence on The Social Nation Show

Who Are The 9TEEN?

The 9TEEN is an Indian musical boy band consisting of three talented young boys, Lav Jaiswal, Abhilash Murala, & Arun O Conner.

Initial Encounter

The boys met in college, initially took different paths, but eventually came together because of a shared love for music.

The boys are known for maintaining their online presence by engaging with their fans online through streams or Instagram live sessions.

Online Charisma

Trend Followers ❌ Trend Makers ✔

We don’t usually follow trends, we like to create trends. So when it comes to covers, we pick up like old songs & try to make it viral."

Secret Sauce Of Virality

The key to virality lies in choosing overlooked old songs and adding a personal touch to make them stand out.

AI Taking Over Music Industry?

The boys think that AI could transform the music industry, but it cannot replace human feelings and emotions in the songs.

A Helping Hand!

AI also generates possibilities to enhance the music-making process & connect with their audience in new and innovative ways.

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