Netflix's 'Dancing For The Devil: The 7M TikTok Cult' Story

A docu-series that exposes a Korean-American pastor luring young TikTok dancers into his control, blurring the lines between faith and manipulation.

A Mask of Innocence

This docuseries reveals a cult disguised as a team of TikTok dancers affiliated with a talent management agency, 7M Films, going south.

Who is Miranda Wilking?

 The series focuses on Miranda Wilking (now Derrick), a popular TikTok dancer who became distant from her family after joining 7M Films & Shekinah Church.

Over two years ago, Miranda's family asked for help on Instagram Live because they lost contact with her & believed she was "not in control" of her life.

Family Plea

Public Appearance

Despite disappearing from her family's lives, Miranda continued to make public appearances, like attending the American Music Awards 2021.

Separations of Sisters

The docuseries also follows the story of Melanie & Priscylla Lee, sisters who were allegedly separated by Shinn’s organizations.

Troubling Claims

However, reports & lawsuits reveal troubling claims about Robert Shinn's religious firm & talent management company, 7M Films, where dancers were allegedly abused.

Dancer's Testimonies

The series features testimonies from dancers formerly represented by 7M Films, including Aubrey Fisher, and Kylie Douglas.

Where Is Miranda Now?

She remains a member of 7M Films. Her family speaks to her occasionally, but the docuseries alleges these interactions are controlled & mainly for show.

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