Positive influence by FoodPharmer on this Food Safety Day

FoodPharmer a.k.a Revant Himatsingka has broken barriers and made a positive impact on global food safety concerns while taking on giant brands.

Raising Awareness

In Feb 2021, FoodPharmer began promoting safe food practices like proper storage, hygiene tips, and checking expiration dates.

Digital Outreach

He shares educational content on social media & other platforms, which includes videos, infographics, and more.

Label Padhega India is a movement aimed at promoting transparency and health in the Indian food industry.

Label Padhega India

Sugarboard Movement

The Sugarboard Movement is an initiative that aims to promote healthier dietary habits by encouraging schools, colleges, & office canteens to offer alternatives to sugary snacks & drinks.

"Bournvita - Tayyari jeet ki" Got Real

His breakthrough video claimed sugar levels were too high for kids, and he reduced them by 15% using social media power.

Say No To Palm Oil

Similar to Bournvita, he also played a crucial role in the reduction & replacement of palm oil usage in Lay's chips, which included potential health risks.

Real Juice Ain't Real

After the sugar-board movement, FSSAI prohibited companies like Real & Tropicana from claiming that they are "100& fruit juice"  if the description doesn't list suitable ingredients.

"World Food Safety Day"

This Food Safety Day, we highlight safe food handling practices with FoodPharmer, encouraging you to adopt similar practices.

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