Rohit Zonjurke, also known as Reaction Boi, is an Indian content creator (then TikToker) who has gained extreme recognition with 28.2M followers on Instagram.

Who is Rohit Zinjurke? A TikToker turned Entrepreneur

From The Start

He gained popularity on TikTok, where he frequently posted entertaining videos featuring dance, comedy, and lip-sync routines.

However, after the TikTok ban, he adjusted & started his YouTube channel where he shares his daily life through vlogs & fashion-related videos.

Transitioning IRL

He started his career at 16 as a machine supervisor for a saree firm. During that time he started creating entertaining videos on

Early Life

On 31 December 2020, he decided to leave his job & adapted creating videos full-time.

Passion Turned Profession

After gaining significant recognition, he was featured in various music videos including "Goli Maar De."

Making A Debut

While his interest for dance was evident, he revealed that he once auditioned for reality show "India's Dancing Superstar," but couldn't get through.

Did You Know?

In July 2023, he launched his own clothing brand called Ziro9.

Welcoming Entrepreneurship

Due to his amassed fan following & magnificient work in the industry, he has gained several awards including Most Popular Influencer of the Year at International Iconic Awards 2024.


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