Which Panchayat Character Are You?

Discover your inner Panchayat character who can match your real-life energy with us.

Abhishek Tripathi a.k.a Sachiv Ji

A young, educated man who is ready to take up any job such as a secretary in a village panchayat, and navigate the challenges of rural life.

Pradhan Ji

A village head with a laid-back attitude, but often caught between traditional ways & the need for modern solutions.

Pradhan Ji’s wife, the real power behind the throne, who often steps in to make crucial decisions for the village. The actual Home Minister!

Manju Devi

Prahlad Pandey

A loyal friend to Pradhan Ji, he is the deputy pradhan & supports the village governance with his practical wisdom.


Pradhan Ji & Manju Devi's daughter, who brings a touch of youthfulness & charm to the village & Sachiv Ji's life. Your delusion crush!

Bhushan a.k.a Banrakas

A local troublemaker and rival, known for creating conflicts and stirring up trouble.

Banrakas's Wife

The supportive yet strong-willed wife of Bhushan, often providing a counterbalance to her husband's antics.

Vikas Ji

A sincere & hardworking assistant/friend, who helps navigate the complexities with utmost dedication.

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