Top YouTubers To Feature In MrBeast's New Video

Check out the top YouTubers who are set to feature in MrBeast's new video, bringing together the biggest names for a collaboration you never imagined!

Vikkstar (Vikram Singh)

Gaming legend Vikkstar, known for his Call of Duty & Minecraft prowess, teams up with MrBeast for an exciting new video.

Lexie Brooke

LA's Lifestyle vlogger is all set to add her charm & creativity to MrBeast's latest project, promising engaging content & fun interactions.

Controversial & charismatic personality, Paul seems promising to bring his high-energy antics & huge fanbase to MrBeast's upcoming video.

Logan Paul

Carry Minati

Exciting News! Indian YouTube sensation Carry Minati will join this parade, with his unique humor & massive following to the epic collaboration.


British YouTuber and rapper KSI teams up with MrBeast in this highly anticipated video with a collaborative spirit.


Gaming star Valkyrae, known for her engaging streams and vibrant personality, is in for a dynamic mix.

Kai Cenat

Rising star Kai is anticipated to bring his energetic style & humour to the video, ensuring a streaming hot collaboration.


 Sidemen fame & entertainer Chunkz joins the fun mischief with MrBeast, promising laughs & unforgettable moments for fans.

Michelle Khare

Fitness & adventure guru Michelle will feature in MrBeast's project, you'll witness her fearless spirit & inspiring presence.

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