In another episode of hilarious things we found on the internet, we came across a viral video that left us chuckling. Amid a nationwide petrol shortage brought on by truck drivers’ protests, a Zomato delivery agent in Hyderabad has captured attention by taking an unconventional route to complete his deliveries – he chose a horse as his mode of transport.

Viral video of Zomato Delivery Executive on horse

Out-of-the-box solution

As petrol stations faced long queues due to truck drivers’ opposition to a new hit-and-run law, the delivery agent found himself stuck in a lengthy line at a petrol pump, affecting his ability to deliver orders on time. Frustrated after waiting for three hours without success, he made the unforeseen decision of swapping his motor vehicle for a horse.

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A Viral Moment 

A passerby recorded the unique sight and shared it on social media, where it quickly gained traction. In the video, the delivery rider lamented the hours spent in the petrol queue, unable to refuel his vehicle to continue his job. His determination to ensure timely food deliveries despite the challenging circumstances resonated with many.

Praise and Calls for Recognition

Netizens commended the delivery person’s dedication and commitment to his job, with some urging Zomato to recognize his extraordinary efforts by providing additional compensation. Humorous comments surfaced, questioning the survival of the food package during the ride but applauding the creativity of the solution.

Context Behind the Incident 

This incident unfolded against the backdrop of a recently amended law that imposes strict penalties on drivers who cause fatal accidents and flee the scene. The amendment seeks to address hit-and-run cases by introducing severe punishments, including imprisonment and substantial fines.

The nationwide strike by truck drivers came to a close after the government raised concerns regarding the hit-and-run legislation. The discussions aimed to address the grievances of the trucking community.

The Zomato delivery rider’s use of a horse as an alternative mode of transport amidst the fuel shortage crisis highlights the uniqueness of individuals in challenging times. His dedication to fulfilling his responsibilities amid adversity struck a chord with many, resonating with netizens.