Amidst a storm of controversy surrounding Zomato’s recent introduction of a “pure veg” fleet, CEO Deepinder Goyal’s personal life has also made headlines with his recent marriage to Mexican model and entrepreneur Grecia Munoz. As the founder and leader of one of India’s leading food delivery platforms, Goyal’s wedding news brings attention back to Zomato after a tumultuous week.

Zomato's CEO marries amidst pure veg backlash

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Pure Veg Controversy

Zomato, a giant in India’s food delivery industry, faced a wave of criticism following its decision to implement a “pure veg” fleet of delivery executives adorned in green uniforms. The initiative aimed to cater specifically to vegetarian consumers, reflecting India’s diverse dietary preferences. 

However, the move sparked outrage on social media, with many decrying it as reinforcing caste-based norms and discriminatory practices. Critics argued that segregating delivery personnel based on one’s dietary choices perpetuated societal divisions and could potentially endanger the safety of those involved.

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Repercussions and Reversal

The backlash prompted a swift response from Zomato, with CEO Deepinder Goyal acknowledging the concerns raised. Recognising the potential risks associated with on-ground segregation, the company swiftly abandoned the green uniform scheme. Instead, all delivery executives, regardless of the type of food they deliver, will now wear the signature red uniforms.

CEO’s Wedding

During this controversy, news of Deepinder Goyal’s marriage to Grecia Munoz shifted the attention. Munoz, a former model from Mexico, has now made India her home and is involved in her startup specialising in luxury consumer products. Their wedding has taken place over a month ago.

As Zomato navigates the fallout from the “pure veg” controversy, the swift reversal of the green uniform scheme demonstrates Zomato’s responsiveness to feedback and commitment to fostering inclusivity within its operations. Amidst the challenges faced, Goyal’s wedding serves as a reminder of the individuals behind corporate entities, adding a human element to the broader narrative.