Check out the best AI and next-gen films and shows of 2024, offering thrilling glimpses into futuristic tech, robots, and tomorrow's world.

Best AI and Next-Gen Films & Shows to Watch in 2024

Her (Amazon Prime Video)

A touching story about a guy who falls for his self-made computer AI, showing the complexities of human-AI relationships.

Starring Ryan Gosling, a detective in a futuristic world uncovers secrets that blur the line between humans and androids.

Blade Runner 2049 (Netflix)

A suspenseful story about a programmer testing a very human-like AI, causing a blending of technology & humanity.

Ex Machina (Netflix)

This is a heartwarming Pixar film that follows a lonely robot's journey to save humanity in a miserable future.

Wall-E (Disney+)

Humans battle against machines in a virtual reality in this complex sci-fi masterpiece.

The Matrix (Netflix)

A Netflix series where each episode explores the negative aspects of technology and how it affects society.

Black Mirror (Netflix)

Our personal favourite visually stunning film tells the story of astronauts seeking humanity's new home as Earth faces extinction.

Interstellar (JioCinema)

Featuring the bodybuilding superstar, Arnold Schwarzenegger, this is an action-packed franchise where humans combat against killer robots & AI dictators.

The Terminator (Prime Video)

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