OTT platforms have become part and parcel of our day-to-day lives. Their growing popularity has led to a surge in OTT platforms. The rise of platforms has also resulted in confusion over subscription plans which was gracefully handled by aggregator platforms that allow access to multiple platforms with a single subscription. In the ever-evolving landscape of OTT entertainment, Tata Play Binge, an aggregator of OTT apps, has emerged as one of the strongest platforms and continues to make strategic moves to maintain its position. Recently it has been adding Fuse+ and FanCode and dropping SonyLIV to curate a diverse and engaging content portfolio for its subscribers.

Tata Play Binge Expands Entertainment With Fuse+ & FanCode

SonyLIV Dropped Due to Price Concerns

Recently, Tata Play Binge made headlines by discontinuing its collaboration with SonyLIV, citing concerns over the significant price hike proposed during contract renewal. The move aimed to prevent a sharp increase in subscription costs for Binge customers while maintaining access to a myriad of other OTT platforms, totalling over 25 partnerships.

SonyLIV dropped by Tata Play Binge and Fuse+ and FanCode added


New Additions

In an exciting turn, Tata Play Binge unveiled a significant addition to its roster by partnering with Fuse+, an entertainment network focused on empowering and entertaining young, multicultural, and millennial audiences. Fuse+ stands as one of the top 10 youngest US entertainment networks, now seeking to resonate with Indian viewers through this collaboration.

Fuse+ is renowned for its rich mix of original series, documentaries, films, music specials, and unscripted content that aims to tell untold stories and showcase emerging talent. With vibrant programming featuring shows like ‘Big Freedia Means Business,’ and insightful biographies of renowned artists like Dua Lipa, Ed Sheeran, and BTS, among others, Fuse+ offers over 500 hours of original content and new licensed content annually.

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FanCode: Enhancing Sporting Thrills

Noteworthy is FanCode, a recent inclusion in Tata Play Binge’s repertoire, elevating the platform’s appeal by offering an immersive sports experience. Backed by Dream Sports, FanCode has streamed over 550 tournaments, delivering a diverse range of sports content, including cricketing spectacles and global championships, which surely will enrich Binge’s entertainment landscape.

Focus on Diversity and Choice

Pallavi Puri, Tata Play’s chief commercial and content officer, expressed enthusiasm about diverse and contemporary programming, emphasising the aggregator’s commitment to expanding viewers’ entertainment choices. The consolidation of multiple OTT apps into a single subscription and login amplifies the array of content available to users.

Tata Play Binge’s recent decision to drop SonyLIV due to pricing concerns has been followed by an exciting alliance with Fuse+ and FanCode, showcasing the aggregator’s content offerings to cater to varied audience preferences. As the landscape of OTT entertainment continues to evolve, Tata Play Binge remains committed to providing its subscribers with a diverse range of content options, ensuring a holistic and engaging viewing experience.