As the tech hub at NMIMS Mukesh Patel School of Technology Management and Engineering, Taqneeq 16.0 isn’t just a festival; it’s an experience. This year, under the theme ‘Powering Revolution,’ the event promises in to showcase the dynamism of young tech minds, eager to change the game. Held on February 7th, the fest aims to inspire attendees with engaging talks, insta-worthy moments, and a celebration of passionate young souls all in sync. With an impressive panel, the event also had Rij Eappen, Co-founder of WYLD, who won hearts and minds at Shark Tank India.

Shark Tank fame Rij Eappen joins NMIMS for Taqneeq 16.0

Rij Eappen’s Presence at Taqneeq Fest

Among the highlights of Taqneeq 16.0 was the presence of Rij Eappen, Co-founder & CMO of the innovative venture, WYLD. As a distinguished speaker, Rij joined renowned experts from diverse backgrounds, including the Director of Naturals Company (Ice-Cream) and VP of Reliance, for ‘The Talk,’ a panel discussion event curated to resonate with the audience’s interests and align with the expertise of esteemed panellists.

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WYLD: Revolutionising Social Media Monetisation

WYLD, a social media monetisation platform founded by young entrepreneurs Dishant Sanghvi, Rij Eappen & Yash Sakhlecha, made waves with its appearance on Shark Tank India. The platform targets young social media influencers aged 18 to 30, offering them the opportunity to monetise their followers akin to established influencers.

Shark Tank India Episode Highlights

In their pitch on Shark Tank India season 3, Dishant, Rij, and Yash showcased their influencer-based payment card brand, seeking investment for expansion. The sharks were impressed by their unique business model and the potential impact it could have in the social media and e-commerce space.

Rij Eappen’s Perspective

Reflecting on his entrepreneurial journey in Shark Tank and live in general, Rij Eappen at Taqneeq ‘emphasised the importance of harnessing the power of personal networks in influencer marketing.’ He also highlighted and elaborated the functions of WYLD stating the ‘mission is to empower social media users across the country by enabling them to leverage the value of their social currency.’

Taqneeq 16.0 provided a platform for students to hear and come in contact with visionaries like Rij Eappen who has an extensive and varied experience in the real world. The peaking curiosity of students after his session indicated a resonance with his insights.
Rij Enappen has truly inspired the next generation of tech leaders. Through ventures like WYLD, entrepreneurs are revolutionising social media monetisation, paving the way for innovative approaches in influencer marketing. As Rij Eappen aptly puts it, “The next evolution in influencer marketing lies in harnessing the power of personal networks,” and WYLD is at the forefront of this revolution.