College fests are undeniably some of the most cherished memories for students, evoking excitement, and endless fun. It’s a time when campus grounds transform into vibrant spaces buzzing with energy and creativity. Recreating this nostalgic charm, NMIMS was once again abuzz with its annual extravaganza, the Tvaran Festival. To amplify the excitement, Social Nation Campus joins hands with the college, bringing along three talented figures, namely Aadil Khan, Shruthy Menon, and Aadhya & Mayur AKA Aadu & Mayy, to judge various events.

Social Nation Campus is celebrating Tvaran at NMIMS

Tvaran Festival

Tvaran Festival, the annual inter-college fest of NMIMS is the epitome of culture, talent, and sheer enthusiasm. Spanning over three days, the festival welcomes students and guests from across Mumbai and beyond to indulge in a range of events ranging from music, dance, and drama, to sports. With thousands of attendees, the fest has become a hotspot for showcasing talent, enjoying delicious cuisines, exploring small businesses, and relishing entertainment galore.

Aadil Khan

Aadil Khan, the talented artist known for his acting ventures, content creation, and dazzling choreography, graced the Tvaran Festival stage as a judge for the Footwork Frenzy, a Dance Event held on 7th March at Tvaran Fest in NMIMS. Aadil Khan’s presence added an extra spark to the festival, promising a captivating performance and an unforgettable experience for the performers as well as the audience.

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Explaining the work-life balance, Aadil stated “Don’t think that your work is your entire life. Make sure you enjoy your life together as much as you can. Your project will be successful. If you give 50% to your work, give 50% to yourself, to your friends, to your family.”

Social Nation Campus celebrates Tvaran at NMIMS with Aadil Khan

Advising students about following the path of dance, Aadil added “I came from a middle-class family. I had no money to pay for dance classes and I always wanted to dance. I think if there’s a will, there’s a way.  I still remember going to the Shyamak drama office in 2012-13 and telling them honestly that I did not have the money but wanted to learn. They understood me and I got free training from Shyamak. You don’t need resources, or money first, you just need talent.

Shruthy Menon

Shruthy Menon, an accomplished Indian actress, television host, and model, captivated the audience at Tvaran Festival as she judged the Rise of the Phoenix event, featuring a blend of best out of waste followed by a fashion walk, held on 8th March. Known for her charismatic presence and versatility, Shruthy Menon has carved a niche for herself in the entertainment world. Courtesy of Talent Partner Social Nation, her appearance at the festival served as an inspiration for the young millennials, reaffirming the power of talent and hard work.

While speaking to students about mastering her craft she added “ I am an actor, I am a model, I am a dancer, I am a student of life. There is never a day where I think I have mastered anything yet. Every day there is something new that I learn that I can incorporate into my art.

Social Nation Campus is celebrating Tvaran at NMIMS with Shruthy Menon

Advising the students about the route to the creative field Shruthy Menon added, “People think that you have to study only if you want to become a doctor or an engineer but if you want to become an actor,  you have to deep dive into the study of the human psychology. You can’t just look nice and come and be a successful actor.”

Aadu & Mayy

Aadu and Mayy, a dynamic couple creator duo renowned for documenting their journey of exploration and togetherness, graced the Tvaran Festival stage as judges for the Mr. and Ms. Tvaran, a Personality Event held on 8th March. Their infectious energy and relatable content have garnered them a massive following in the digital sphere. In the company of Aadu and Mayy, the excitement of the audience was contagious, as they connected with the students and spread positivity through their experiences and interactions.

Speaking about creating content together, the couple expressed happiness. Aadhya added “ Now that we document things, we have so many videos that we can go back to. Also, you get to know each other better when you start working with a person. We evolved as a couple while making content together. It’s like creating a life.”

Social Nation Campus is celebrating Tvaran at NMIMS with Aadu & Mayy

While Mayur is a strong believer in “the feeling” he advised students “ Once you get that feeling don’t doubt it. Don’t second doubt it. Just go for it. Don’t have any fear of commitment. Everything will be fine.”

As Social Nation Campus collaborated with the Tvaran Festival witnessing the unfolding of its myriad of events and activities, it was truly magical. With Aadil Khan, Shruthy Menon, and Aadu & Mayy gracing the occasion, the festival was an unforgettable experience for participants and spectators alike.