A first for this year with many more to come, the Social Nation Campus hit the grounds of SIES College. Cloud 4.0 is the coveted IT departmental fest of the college which includes technical and non-technical events. From Hackathon, Tech Expo, and Debugging to Chronicles of Enigma, Cloud Roadies, Buzzwire and more, Cloud 4.0 is not just a fest for the students, it’s a platform for them to showcase their talent.

Social Nation Campus was elated to collaborate with SIES College to bring them their favourite gamer, Ocean Sharma! On 27th January 2024, students of the technological college dived deep into the world of Gamingpro Ocean. The master of multiple skills and an inspiration to many, Ocean graced Cloud 4.0’s stage, powered by Social Nation. He met and interacted with all the technology students and created an even bigger space in their hearts.

Social Nation Campus Ocean Sharma Gamingpro Ocean gamer YouTuber eSports Commentator SIES College Cloud 4.0 festival speaker session

Ocean Sharma has carved a niche for himself as one of the most popular YouTube stars in the Indian gaming community. With his entertaining videos, infectious personality, and exceptional gaming skills, he has amassed a dedicated fan base and achieved significant success on the platform. Having worked as an assistant trainee at ISRO, his accomplishments and contribution to the gaming industry have set a new standard of excellence for young minds to look up to.

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This creator panel by Social Nation Campus stood out among the many activities that were scheduled for the two-day extravaganza at Cloud 4.0. Let’s take you through what the students at SIES experienced this Saturday – a journey through Ocean Sharma’s life, achievements and how he looks at the future of gaming. Read on!

The College Life

As we have so many college students here, they would love it if you could share some funny incidents that only Technology students could relate to!

By the way, tum logon ko pata hai main ISRO mein scientist tha ye sab ke pehle? But still, main exams ke ek raat pehle hi padhta tha. So I think that’s the thing jo har koi relate kar sakta hai. Tumhare teachers log hain kya yaha pe? Nahi hai? I’ll tell you one thing, degree ke baare mein baad mein koi puchta nahi hai.

Social Nation Campus Ocean Sharma Gamingpro Ocean SIES College Cloud 4.0 festival speaker session students

Haha, adding to that, what’s the one thing you miss most about your college life?

I believe the friends and connection with friends because when I was in college, itna social media pe dhyaan dete nahi the. Aajkal har choti cheez story pe jaati hai post pe jaata hai but uss time itna hota nahi tha. Aur main Punjabi hoon, toh mere saare dost Canada bhaag gaye aur main yaahan reh gaya toh I miss my friends and all the things that we used to do when we would hang out together.

Balancing Studies & Fun

Ocean, how did you maintain a balance between focusing on your education and having fun?

I have been a studious student, I still read books till date. Chaahe ek raat pehle padhta tha lekin dimaag mein sab reh jaata tha, so that’s one thing. But, when it comes down to the balance, you have to set your priorities. Because just as I told you, I was an engineer. And engineers, wherever they are, they leave engineering and do everything else outside of it.

So, kitna time khud ko dena hai, studies ko, girlfriend ko, boyfriend ko, friends ko – you just need to prioritize all the things. Kitna time kisko dena hai, once you get that, it’s fine. So, that’s an important factor.

Making It To ISRO

How did you crack the interview at ISRO after graduation? Could you provide some interview tips for our students?

The ISRO interview is not that difficult if you know your subjects and if you know everything around it. Yahan pe kitno ko Science Olympiad, Maths Olympiad, NTSC, ye sab pata hai? So, I was a seven-time Science Olympiad gold medalist and a four-time Maths Olympiad gold medalist. I was awarded by the late Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam himself because I was seventh all around India in ISCC, that’s International Science Talent Service Examination.

I was ranked second internationally in Oracle Education Foundation’s competition, jiske through I got to meet Steve Jobs as well. So, all these perks were the ones that helped me crack the interviews especially when it comes to practical knowledge and practicality.

My college is over but I’m still a member of ASME, that’s American Society of Mechanical Engineers because I get to know about what’s in cars, bikes, etc. as I have a keen interest in development. So, just stay with your roots, that’s the most important factor.

Ocean Sharma’s PUBG Journey

You started off with playing the oh-so-famous game PUBG, what was that one aspect that attracted you to PUBG?

After I was done being an assistant scientist in ISRO, COVID aa gaya tha so I thought I’d do a Masters in Aeronautical Engineering. And Masters ke liye maine socha ke mujhe Maths ko vapas se dekhna hai because I really love Maths as a subject. Toh Maths main khud padhne laga and tuitions dene laga 11th and 12th ke students ko taaki mera bhi revise ho jaaye. Ye basis hai GATE exam ke liye, which is there for Engineering.

Main 4-5 ghante padhata tha din mein and then the rest of the time was free, toh main video games khelta tha. And because I am good at Mathematics, I was very good at understanding the Mathematics and Physics of the game.

Kitne log PGMI khelte hai? Kitne logon ko pata hai gyroscope kya hota hai in PGMI? So, a gyroscope is based on the X, Y and Z axis of your phone, the way you use your phone. We call it X, Y and Z in the easy language. Roll, pitch and yaw – these are the three axes on which a gyroscope works.

I knew all these things and that’s when I decided that I can utilize these things to explain to people what it is and how the game mechanics works. So, I believe I will give the credit to Mathematics.

Entering The Realm Of YouTube

What motivated you to start your own YouTube Channel?

Kitne logon ko Dynamo pata hai? So, Dynamo ko maine headshot maara tha uske stream mein. That motivated me to start YouTube.

Battle Adda II – Battle of Indian Streamers

Can you tell us about your experience co-hosting ‘Battle Adda II – Battle of Indian Streamers’? Were you nervous? How did it start?

I don’t think I was ever nervous because in school and colleges, main theatre karta tha. So, because of theatre, you have that confidence, you know, you can talk in front of people. And when I started doing commentary, I believe it was that thing only, ke story batani hai logon ko.

And telling a story is not that difficult. Normally, like, all those who have stage fright, I tell them one thing. If you are sitting with your friends and you have a story, you tell your friends very easily, ke mere saath ye hua that, fir ye hua, fir voh hua. Just expand the number of frames and now you are talking on a stage. That’s what storytelling is. And commentary overall is storytelling. So, there is no fright or anything.

PUBG Mobile India Tour

What do you love most about hosting the PUBG Mobile India Tour?

The travel, meeting new kinds of players and understanding the aspects of the game. I don’t know how many people have been following PUBG Mobile since 2019, so PMIT was a tournament that took place at that time. In PMIT, there were different stages. Stage A is Jaipur, Stage B is Guwahati, Stage C is Mumbai, and Stage D was Vizag. So, these were all the stages which helped me understand how people are, where they are from, and how they play. So, that was, I believe, the aspect I loved.

The Skill of Multitasking

How do you strike the right balance between hosting, gaming, and content creation?

I believe, once you are starting, don’t go in without knowing the things. Aajkal jitne bhi bache hai mujhe pata hai unke dimaag mein chalta hai ki mujhe ye bhi karna hai, voh bhi karna hai. And iss chakar mein poori knowledge nahi hoti unko, they want to just dive into the things.

Aaj har kisine socha hoga apna YouTube video banane ka, that I’ll pick up the camera and do something, etc. etc. But they don’t have exact knowledge ke agar meri ye ek video chal gayi, then what should I do after that? So, just have that knowledge. Do the complete research.

Because, once you have done the research, you can back up all the things that you feel you can do in maybe upcoming 3 months, maybe 6 months, maybe a year. Jo bhi aapka vision ho, the research should be done for the vision. Because that vision is something that can bring food on the table that year.

Lastly, for all aspiring gamers, can you throw some light to students on how they can start their gaming careers and what is the future of Gaming in India?

Honestly, the future of gaming, I believe, is pretty, pretty big. We have still just scratched the surface. I remember 8bit_Thug (Animesh) ne ek baat kahi thi that ‘in 5 years, we will be doing a BGMI tournament in cricket stadiums.’ And the last time PMPS was held, that was actually in a stadium in its own cell.

So, we are still growing at a very rapid pace. And what people need to start doing is ke agar koi ‘niche’ hai jo aap nikal sakte ho apne liye toh voh karo. Like I started doing analysis. So, start bringing out your own niche when it comes down to YouTube. And just keep the content friendly. That’s extremely important. Friendly for newcomers and people of all ages as well. Taake agar unhe kuch strike kare toh voh tumhe dekh sake.

And don’t over-hustle. Because if you think that you have 4 content ideas today and you will make 4 videos today, then there will be nothing left after that. So, make sure that you distribute your content in the right way because that is really, really important.

Social Nation Campus Ocean Sharma Gamingpro Ocean gamer SIES College Cloud 4.0 festival speaker session

Post that super interesting and insightful conversation we opened up the session to the SIES College students who asked everything they wanted to know from their favourite gamer Ocean Sharma.

Bro, what made you choose mechanical engineering instead of parametric engineering?

Uss time mujhe pata nahi tha ke mechanical mein ladkiyan nahi hoti hain, haha! Nahi but honestly, I have a keen interest in cars. Toh meko lagta tha ke mechanical se I’ll get to know a lot about machineries, machines, what happens to them, how do they operate, how do they work, and all those things.

And eventually, to become an astro-scientist, I thought GATE ka exam crack karne ke liye ye cheez zyaada proper hogi. Because there were only 4 things in Punjab University – Mechanical, Civil, Computer, and Electrical. So, around that, I thought that mechanical is something that I can go for because vaha se mera path khul sakta hai and it was a vast thing overall. Agar aeronautical hoti then I would have preferred that, but then I did it in Masters.

What is the most challenging part of being a gamer?

Bringing out new content every single day. It’s like kisi YouTuber ki video dekhna jo sirf video games khelta hai. You’ll have to research yourself that aaj jo maine same cheez ki, voh replicate naa ho. The audience also wants something new every single day, every single week, every single month. Giving something new to the audience becomes a very big challenge sometimes.

Because if someone just puts a video of playing classic games, like their normal matches and all, there’s nothing different. It’s like I played yesterday, I played today, I did 12 finishes, I did 15 the next day, but after a week, the audience might shift to another person, leaving your videos aside. So, bringing that newness is something that I believe is a big challenge. And that’s with every YouTube genre.

Hello, sir. What is the cost of your shoe collection?

I know the number of my shoes, but I don’t know the amount of my collection. I have more than 250 shoes, but I don’t exactly know the amount of it. And I have more than 300 watches now. So, I believe the collection of watches is more expensive than the collection of sneakers, haha!

Then what is the collection with your watches? Most expensive watch?

I won’t tell you the price, but it’s a Rolex Daytona, reference number 116500LN. It’s more than 20 L.

Hello, sir. When you started initially, did your family support your YouTube channel and gaming?

This is actually a very good question. Because what happens is, as I said, you all have access to the internet at a very early stage, right? Jab main college mein tha tab last year mein Jio ka naya unlimited internet aur sab aane wala tha. Now, obviously, parents came from a different generation. They don’t understand how you make money on the Internet, what are you doing, etc.

A lot of people don’t even understand what they will do on YouTube. When I started, my parents didn’t even know what was happening. How can you get money from YouTube? People are watching this video, how can you earn on this? But you can maybe create 2-3 things.

Now, first of all, I started playing games on a One Plus phone which I got for myself from my first salary. Nowadays, when kids go to play, many don’t have high-end phones. So, they go directly to their parents and say, I want a phone or I want a laptop. I want this, I want that.

Then, parents also don’t understand this and they feel that if they give you an expensive laptop or a phone, you might not handle it well or value it enough. If you actually get a job first, you can show them that you have some source of income with which you are working. Then parents support because you already have a stable income source.

Now, I was in ISRO. So, I told my parents ke ab maine ISRO kar liya hai toh now I had this leverage that whatever I do, my parents know that yes, he won’t do anything wrong. And he has the potential ke agar yahan pe kuch kharaab hua toh vapas ISRO mein jaa sakta hai.

Sir, there is not much of a gaming culture in India. I mean, there are degrees and jobs but gaming has not come to this level yet. What do you think about that?

It will take at least 2 to 3 years still to get the gaming culture rising in India. Because right now, again, this is a minor generation gap. Although, it is reducing. Because nowadays, parents are on Instagram, they are on WhatsApp. Even though they are only sending good morning messages, but they are on it and unko pata hai kya chal raha hai.

So, it will take 2 to 3 more years and then we will definitely see the gaming culture rising up amongst the parents. I don’t know if you guys know Vivaan. He is a gamer kid, but his parents support him. So, we just need those kind of people because he is just an 8-year-old prodigy.

Social Nation Campus Ocean Sharma Gamingpro Ocean gamer YouTuber eSports Commentator SIES College Cloud 4.0

What is your advice to the students who have to deal with bullies or people who try to put them down? Sometimes they get demotivated.

Oh, I know that happens. I don’t know if you guys have seen that movie ‘Ajab Prem Ki Ghazab Kahani’? Usme Ranbir Kapoor haklaata hota hai jab voh bolta hai. I suffer from the same thing actually, jo sochne mein bohot ajeeb lagta hai kyun ki being a commentator, mera kaam bolna hi hai.

But when it comes down to bullies, if you are a 20-year-old girl, obviously those people don’t know you from the last 20 years. First things first. You know yourself from the last 20 years. Those people have come to you today.

Maybe they bully you because they know you better than them. Maybe they bully you because you have what they don’t have. Maybe they bully you just because they were raised like that. But you were not raised like that, right? You were raised in a good environment. That’s why you are not like them.

And second thing. Yes, you know yourself from the last 20 years. So, you know you are better than them on any given day. So, you have to keep this in your mind. Voh log toh aaj aaye hain jo tumko ek din se, ek mahine se, ek saal se jaante hai. So, they don’t know what you go through. You have to be strong and then it just works out.

Hello, sir. Earlier, you said that you have a keen interest in cars and bikes. So, I would like to ask you what is your dream car and dream bike?

So, I have two Royal Enfields. One is a 350 and one is a Continental GT650. And I have a Polo because I feel ke uspe racing thoda jaata hai. I have a Baleno, an XUV, and a Tata Bolt. Ye sab ghar ke milakar ke ho gaye. But when it comes down to a good dream car, it’s a Pagani Huayra.

How amazing was that conversation, right? We got to uncover so many aspects of Ocean Sharma a.k.a. Gamingpro Ocean that we didn’t know about up until now. He sure is a powerhouse of talent who is carving an extremely successful path for himself. And the students of SIES College just couldn’t get enough of his thoughts, advice, and suggestions. Guys, we feel you. Social Nation Campus will be back very soon, stay tuned!