Harun Robert a.k.a Rob, famous for hosting ‘M.A.D’ on the POGO channel, is an Indian professional artist, YouTuber, and TV personality. He has a fam of 631K followers on Instagram and 2.33 million subscribers on YouTube. His DIY content is so out-of-the-box and fun! Don’t tell me you don’t feel nostalgic for M.A.D’s creativity? After all, it was one-of-a-kind!

So, let’s get into 20 reels of Mad Stuff with Rob:

1. Colourful Personality

2. Drawing On Water

3. Drawing To Reality

4. 3D Effect

5. The Glitch

6. Swapping

7. Fashion Animation

8. Spot The Fake

9. Meet The Real Superheroes

10. Rohit Sharma’s Tape Artwork

11. Print with Coke

12. Impostor Using Eraser

13. Virat Kohli’s Toothpaste Artwork

14. Resin Work

15. Glitch Art Effect

16. Simple Glitch Art

17. Berlin From Netflix’s ‘Money Heist’ Cut Out

18. Printed Tee Using Nail Paint Remover

19. Glow In The Dark Phone Case

20. Linocut Print

Rob is such a great art enthusiast! He is and will always be remembered for his DIY art tricks which always astonishes us. From children to adults, everyone adores him for his artistic talent. Apart from POGO’s ‘M.A.D’, he was also seen on Disney’s ‘Imagine That.’ If you love Rob, then you would also appreciate another great talent, Neha Sharma! So, check out 7 Recent Trending Doodle Reels by Artist Neha Sharma That Reached the Million Club.