With an army of more than 500 thousand followers on Instagram, Viraj Ghelani is one of Filter Copy’s prominent faces, regularly experimenting with new trends and creating Instagram reels about them. He is a well-known figure in the digital entertainment sector. He is a multi-talented actor, comedian, and writer. He usually uses observational comedy to create satirical content. As a result, this article brings you the top 5 reels of Viraj in one convenient way.

1. Another Virtual Birthday for April Folks, Yet Again

Due to the second lockdown in April, Viraj is whining about not being able to celebrate his birthday. He creates a video that is relatable to people born in the same month and we can both empathise and enjoy it.

2. Putting an End to the Tommy Trend

On Yashraj Mukhate’s Tommy audio, we’ve watched a number of trending videos. However, Viraj adds a unique and highly pleasant touch to it, which we adore.

3. The March Month Problem

Another April birthday video, but this time he urges that people be considerate and wear masks in order to avoid a lockdown over the month and to celebrate birthdays in person.

4. The Gym Trainer Scam

An exaggerated version of how gym trainers claim it’s a simple workout day but make it just as stressful and exhilarating as every other day. Oh man, the level of relatability makes this video one of the most viewed. Don’t you agree?

5. Exhibiting the Traits of an Elder Sibling for a Day

A comical look at how older siblings treat younger siblings by making them do all the work. One of the most entertaining and well-received videos is one in which he impersonates the elder sibling’s character for a day.

I hope that this post has piqued your interest in Viraj’s work since he is well worth your time. An incredible content creator who curates relatable videos for his followers. We adore him, and we hope you do as well. So, until my pen writes more for you, why don’t you consume his content?