Sakshi Sindwani is a social media fashion influencer who wants to make a difference. She is well-known for celebrating and encouraging body positivity and self-acceptance through her content. On the internet, it’s difficult to find a plus-sized woman who isn’t scared to be herself. Sakshi is no newbie to savage trolls, but it hasn’t stopped her from embracing who she is and bringing joy in the face of adversity. So let us celebrate traditional outfits by our joyous fashion influencer, Sakshi Sindwani.

1. Desi Twist to the 15 Seconds Trend

2. Attending an Ishq-ful Wedding Outfits

3. Get Ready With Me, Women’s Day Edition

4. Mehendi-Special Anarkali

5. Diwali Special SMUxAlaya Collection

Are you impressed or are you impressed? Well, what are you waiting for? Go and check out her page right now! Her content is worth hours of your time. And until my pen writes more for you… here’s another article featuring Sakshi that you can read by tapping HERE!