Children’s Day is honestly every day but today is officially their day.

Gone are the days when kids were just being creative on paper or dancing around for attention. This is the new age generation and they don’t just do things- They make sure it’s recorded and when they record it, parents make sure it’s out there. So that becomes the start of a journey of a Social Media Influencer.

It is obviously not as easy as it sounds, these kids are really putting effort and that shows. Here are some kid influencers and artists who are making everyone smile and we believe you should know about them too.

Aayu and Pihu

Indian children influencers on Instagram include Aayush Kalra and Prakrita Kalra, also known online as Aayu and Pihu. They both run the Aayu and Pihu Show, one of India’s most popular YouTube channels. They uploaded their debut video to YouTube in May 2017.

Amreen Malhotra

Amreen Malhotra is another adorable and beautiful young Instagram influencer from India who is well-known for her social media presence and attractive appearance. Amreen rose to fame in July 2018 after a video of her doing “hi friends chai pilo” variations went viral. She is one of the newest Indian star children that Instagram has ever featured.

She is well-known among her family as “Princess Amreen.” Princess Amreen Malhotra is really a princess of her mom and queen of her content.

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Kiara Nautiyal

Famous as ‘Guddu ki mummy’, this cutie is someone who is too good with her expressions and dialogue delivery. Kiara minime has 604k followers and a long loyal fan list of people. Her reels cross thousands based on the fact that it feels so real and genuine when she says her dialogues.

She now does brand collaborations too and she has also won an award!

Anantya Anand

Anantya Anand is one of the most popular young Indian influencers on Instagram, with 586k followers. She is adored by many of her fellow followers and is famously known as ‘mymissanand‘. Her mother is a food blogger and we are sure they are both drawing inspiration for content from each other.

She is able to do everything she wants to do or be because of her two incredibly loving and supportive parents.

There are many cuties out there who are making content for fun and giving everyone a chance to think ‘How are these little ones doing so much?’. If you enjoyed watching their content here, do check out their profiles and tell us who is your favorite kid creator!