American YouTuber, rapper, and online streamer Darren Jason Watkins Jr., popularly known as IShowSpeed, surprised everyone by being in India currently. Given how big a fan he is of Virat Kohli, he’s arrived here to support him and Team India in the ongoing ODI World Cup 2023. He is known from the video where he danced his heart out to Daler Mehndi’s Tunak Tunak Tun. An Internet sensation, this 18-year-old’s energetic live streams are widely viewed and loved by his audience.

IShowSpeed could be seen roaming on the Indian streets wearing a Virat Kohli-named cricket jersey. Known for his sense of humour and passion, Darren was spotted in Ahmedabad ahead of the much-awaited match between India and Pakistan. “I am here because of Virat Kohli,” or the way he likes to call him: Vyrat. He further mentions, “I want to see India beat Pakistan in the World Cup match tomorrow! I will be there at the stadium. I don’t follow cricket back home, but I follow Kohli. I want to meet him, and I am also excited to meet the Tunak Tunak guy (Daler Mehndi), I am just very excited bruh!

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How Darren Feels

His second largest social media fan following is from India. “People have just been telling me ‘come to India’, so here I am. I am here to see what India is all about. India has this energy and I can’t wait for it to come out. I am bringing mine out too, and I can’t wait for the two to mix,” he quips. This isn’t the first time Speed has manifested meeting his favourite sportsperson. A hardcore Ronaldo fan, he finally met his icon. That post alone currently stands with more than 10 million likes on Instagram. This time, he is here for his favourite cricketer – Virat Kohli.

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With 20.7 million YouTube subscribers, his approach to life is what his name is all about, “Yes my stuff goes viral, but I don’t have time to really think about it, life moves with so much speed. It’s an amazing feeling, I feel blessed to wake up each day. You care about those people, and they, in turn, care about you, it’s like a brother-sister thing. That’s what keeps me going. They don’t even know my real name, they just like calling me speed, it has stuck. People ask me about the secret behind my energy, but it’s just always been there like this!

ICC World Cup 2023

After defeating Australia and Afghanistan, India is all set to face arch-rival Pakistan in a blockbuster ICC World Cup 2023 match on 14 October 2023 at Narendra Modi Stadium in Ahmedabad from 2 p.m. onwards. In both the matches played by India, Virat Kohli smashed 85 and 55* respectively. This is not the first time that Darren is supporting Team India. He was also seen in the recently concluded World Test Championship where Australia beat India by 209 runs and became the only team to win all the ICC titles.

A Day In India

In several videos that are going viral, Darren could be seen in multiple places in the city doing the wild, crazy stuff he is known for. He played his favourite Indian song “Tunak Tunak Tun” on Colaba streets, hoping for passer-byes to match his vibe check. Later, he also got a massage on the beats of this iconic song. IShowSpeed was also spotted singing “Gata Rahe Mera Dil” and vibing on “Chammak Challo.”

IShowSpeed bought a banana. He overpaid and asked the vendor to keep the change. The vendor disagreed and offered him more bananas. Speed was said, “You think I’m a monkey?

He met his match when a fan pulled up next to him while he was in his car, barking all along the way.

In a hilarious moment, Darrren was observing the ‘500-rupee note’ and wondered if Mahatma Gandhi was Virat Kohli’s grandfather.

He played cricket while wearing a dhoti and showcased his poor bowling skills.

Then, he went on to bat, but to no avail. Darren cracked a self-deprecating joke saying he was playing like Babar Azam.

IShowSpeed was completely clueless when the police appeared to control the crowd. He thought he was going to get arrested.

Darren created a freestyle rap with the widely popular rapper MC Stan. They debated while picking who’s the real GOAT between Virat and Ronaldo / Virat and Dhoni. Being a Thala fan, MC Stan picked Dhoni.

Darren a.k.a. IShowSpeed is a phenomenal entertainer, no matter what he does. The immensely popular YouTuber is always high on energy and lifts the spirits of his followers as well.