Fukra Insaan, the moniker of Abhishek Malhan, has undoubtedly become a household name in the YouTube community. With a staggering 8.83 million subscribers on YouTube and 6.9 million followers on Instagram, he has captured the hearts of millions with his engaging content. Recently, he made headlines by stepping into the role of Delhi’s Chief Minister for a day. Before you speed your horses, Abhishek became the Chief Minister in his latest YouTube video where he showcases his remarkable efforts to create a brighter future for all.

Fukra Insaan assume the role of CM in latest video


In his latest YouTube video Fukra Insaan draws inspiration from the Bollywood film Nayak and plunges on a journey that was more than just a day in the life of a popular YouTuber. He used his platform to address critical societal issues, showing that one person’s actions can indeed inspire change and make a substantial positive impact on society.

Planting a Greener Future

The video begins with a mission to combat environmental issues, where Fukra Insaan, in collaboration with the Vrikshit Foundation, led an initiative to plant a staggering 10,000 trees across various locations in Delhi. The response from his subscribers and the public was overwhelming, reflecting the collective desire for a greener, more sustainable future. Fukra Insaan’s dedication to environmental conservation serves as an inspiration, reminding us all of the importance of caring for our planet.

Fukra Insaan plants a tree in YouTube video as CM

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Empowering Women

Abhishek Malhan’s commitment to creating positive change didn’t stop at environmental conservation. He extended his support to empower women and combat domestic violence. Abhishek donated 50 sewing machines to women in need, enabling them to start their own businesses. He went the extra mile by encouraging them to learn how to use these machines through YouTube tutorials, ensuring they had the resources and knowledge to become self-reliant. This gesture stands as a powerful reminder of the significance of standing up for those in need.

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Cleanliness and Hygiene Drive

The video also showcased Fukra Insaan’s contribution to the Swachh Bharat Mission, focusing on cleanliness and hygiene. In a matter of hours, he and his team, along with 200 volunteers, collected a staggering 100 kilograms of garbage. This collective effort symbolises the positive change that can be brought about when communities come together to address important issues. Moreover, they distributed 600 free dustbins to promote proper waste disposal and donated toilets, improving sanitation for many.

Fukra Insaan distributes dustbins in Youtube video as CM

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Compassion and Kindness

But Fukra Insaan’s mission went far beyond just these noble causes. He dedicated time to visit senior citizens residing in old-age homes, distributing blankets and personal induction cookers to make their lives more comfortable. His mission “Everything at Rs 1” ensured that those in need could access affordable food items without feeling like they were receiving handouts. Additionally, Fukra Insaan provided free food to children and delighted orphaned children with gifts such as books, bags, clothes, and more. These acts of kindness remind us of the power of compassion and the significant impact small gestures can have on people’s lives.

Inspiration for All

The closing message of Fukra Insaan’s video is a powerful one. He stressed that his message was not about being a better Chief Minister but about inspiring everyone to perform good deeds and make a positive impact on society. Fukra Insaan’s video serves as a reminder that each one of us has the potential to bring about positive change and create a brighter future for all.

Fukra Insaan as the CM of Delhi in YouTube Video

Abhishek Malhan with his noble efforts has not only garnered the support of his subscribers but has also earned admiration from the general public. It’s a testament to the potential of social media influencers to use their platform for the greater good. Abhishek Malhan’s dedication to philanthropy and his large following demonstrate how a single person can make a significant and lasting impact on the world.

In a world that often focuses on negativity, Fukra Insaan in his latest YouTube video stands as a beacon of hope, reminding us that through collective effort and compassion, we can create a better future for all. It is only through will and determination one can foster positive change and this one person’s will can inspire thousands of people, leaving us with a better society: Afterall, be the change you wish to see in the world.

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