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Navratri, the vibrant and spiritually significant Hindu festival, is just around the corner. This nine days and night festival, dedicated to the worship of the Goddess Durga, is celebrated with great enthusiasm and devotion by millions of people across India and around the world. As you gear up to celebrate Navratri, here’s a step-by-step guide on how to prepare for this auspicious occasion, including tips on fasting, decorating your home, and choosing traditional attire.

Navratri step-by-step guide

Fasting during Navratri

Fasting during Navratri is a common practice to purify the body and mind. Different people observe different kinds of fasts. It’s important to decide the type of fast you will observe. There are two primary types: the ‘Nirjala’ (waterless) fast, where you abstain from food and water, and the ‘Phalahar’ fast, which allows you to consume fruits, milk, and foods that are specific to fasting including sabudana and others.

Navratri guide to fasting


Choose the type of fast that suits your health and energy levels. In case of health complications, it is always advisable to consult with a healthcare professional before you fast. Not only in terms of health but also to avoid last-minute grocery runs, it is better to stay prepared since the fasting food is very different from regular food. It is also essential to stay hydrated and maintain a balanced diet during the fasting period.

Home Decor

Decorating your home is a significant part of Navratri preparations. Traditional Rangoli, intricate and colourful designs made on the floor using coloured powders are often done during this festival. You can plan your design ahead to avoid any confusion. Once the design selection is completed one can also buy coloured powder, stencils and other things accordingly. Alternatively, flower petals can add a festive touch to your home’s entrance. 

Navratri guide to home decor


Alongside one can also hang ‘Torans’ or door hangings. These door hangings are plentily available in the market. You can pick the ones based on your preference. During the festive time, the prices of these skyrocket. It is always recommended to buy and keep these in advance. Basic cleaning along with other small elements such as festive dining mats, and festive-themed bedsheets can be used to create an inviting ambience. Do not forget to adorn your prayer area with garlands of marigolds or other seasonal flowers, on the day of commencement of Navratri.

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Plan your outfits

One of the most exciting aspects of Navratri is dressing up in traditional attire. Navratri along with the traditional pooja also is known for Dandiya and Garba events during the night. To go through the regular activities of the day and then attending the events at night can be a tough nut to crack but with proper planning, one can ace this game. 

Navratri guide to festive fits


Women often wear colourful lehengas- cholis or indo-western outfits that are mixed and matched and adorned with exquisite jewellery. Men can opt for kurta sets or dhoti-kurta along with traditional accessories like turbans. 

Navratri guide to men festive fits


Remember to plan your looks in advance. Break down each of your looks to every single piece and note it down to avoid forgetting. You also take inspiration from content creators who have been working tirelessly to help people put their best foot forward. Always remember to choose bright festive colours to complement the vibrant atmosphere of Navratri.

Garba and Dandiya preparation

Navratri is synonymous with the energetic and rhythmic dance forms of Garba and Dandiya. To enjoy these dance events or gatherings where these dances are performed, you’ll need to be prepared. Learn the basic steps of Garba and Dandiya. You can learn these from many content creators who put up short videos of these traditional steps. One can also take up classes ahead of the festive days. 

Dandiya Navratri guide


Purchase traditional Garba sticks and dress comfortably to enjoy these dance forms to the fullest. Navratri is a festival that brings communities together. Consider joining local Garba and Dandiya events, and buying passes to these events prior is helpful because they tend to get full really fast or the prices are doubled during the festive time. You can learn about these events through BookMyShow or local accounts on Instagram.

Navratri is a time of joy, devotion, and cultural celebration. By planning ahead, you can ensure that your Navratri celebrations are filled with spiritual significance, cultural richness, and festive delight. So, gather your loved ones, dress in your best traditional attire, and immerse yourself in the vibrant festivities of Navratri. May the blessings of Goddess Durga fill your life with happiness and prosperity during this auspicious festival.