American streamer IShowSpeed, known for his energetic and crazy live shows, recently underwent a traumatic experience as he was at the receiving end of a staged prank in Brazil by a fellow creator Arab. The kidnapping prank was recorded during his livestream as the streamer was left shaken when a group of locals kidnapped him.

IShowSpeed kidnapping prank by Arab

The Distressing Prank

During the harrowing prank, IShowSpeed found himself surrounded by a group of individuals in a favela, who pinned him against the wall and the situation escalated rapidly. The streamer faced extreme levels of fear on seeing a wooden plank wielded by one of the men in the group. The growing crowd intensified the confusion and the tension.

A Desperate Plea for Forgiveness

Seeing the situation spiralling out of control, IShowSpeed was forcibly instructed to sit down. Overwhelmed with fear, the streamer raised his hands, pleading for forgiveness as the tension reached a peak.

Disclosing the Prank

In a sudden twist, the orchestrator behind the prank revealed himself, who turned out to be a fellow creator and a good friend, bringing an end to the distressing charade. IShowSpeed, on the verge of tears, exclaimed in relief, highlighting the emotional toll of the unsettling incident.

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Lasting Impact on IShowSpeed

The unsettling prank provided IShowSpeed with a stark realisation of the potential dangers within favelas, leaving a lasting impact on the streamer. The incident serves as a stark reminder of the fine line between entertainment and the genuine risks associated with such pranks.

IShowSpeed was recently in India as he toured many parts of the country and visited the locals across . One of his actions that stole the hearts of Indians would surely be the day when he visited the Mumbai stadium wearing a King Kohli t-shirt.

IShowSpeed’s terrifying experience in Brazil sheds light on the darker side of these experiences and underscores the need for content creators to be mindful of the potential consequences when crafting unconventional and risky content. This incident serves as a cautionary tale within the realm of online entertainment, prompting reflection on the boundaries between entertainment and real-life risks.