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Facebook Newsroom announced the launch of Facebook Gaming’s #PlayLoud series on September 2, 2021. To celebrate the expansion of music on Facebook Gaming, which allows gaming creators to “play background music during their livestreams on Facebook Gaming — including clips made from a livestream and the video on demand (VOD) versions of livestreams”, as mentioned by Facebook Newsroom, this series was introduced. Teaming up renowned celebrity DJs with top gaming creators in live events, Facebook Newsroom stated, “#PlayLoud celebrates the convergence of music and gaming.”

Apart from the host, Rachel De Mita, the pairs are Angel + Dren and MissesMae, DJ Khaled and Stone Mountain 64, Diplo and King Bach, LP Giobbi and Queen Eliminator. Unfortunately, Angel + Dren and MissesMae’s session was on August 30, 2021. But cheer up, ‘cause the other three pairs are still left!

Check out their schedule here:

Facebook Gaming
Source: Facebook Newsroom

According to Facebook Newsroom, Diplo expressed his delight saying, “My favorite thing about making and playing music is that it brings people together.” Further, he stated, “Gaming creates community in a really similar way; it’s a crazy thing to watch. #PlayLoud lets us perform in celebration of those communities, and I’m honored to be a part of it.”

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