What an absolutely amazing feeling would it be to witness the best creators perform all under one roof, right? Your favourite creators are all set to grace the stage of Asia’s Largest Creator Festival: the Social Nation Festival 2024! Our unique and diverse artist lineup is specially curated to bring YOU, the fans, a wholesome experience. Adding to our star-studded lineup are prolific artists like Yahya Bootwala, Vasu Kainth, and Luv Juyal!

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Yahya Bootwala

Yahya Bootwala is an actor, writer and poet whose 2017 poem “Shayad Wo Pyaar Nahi” gained widespread traction on social media. He later appeared in “Sheher Ya Tum”, which won the Best Short Prize at the 2018 MAMI Mumbai Film Festival. Yahya thinks that his love of acting is what allowed him to publicly express his inner writer, poet, storyteller, philosopher, movie buff, and lover.

Yahya has authored several popular viral poems since 2017, including ‘120 Minutes’, ‘Bol Na’, ‘Cycle’ and others. He took part in his first live “Alfaaz Ka Safar” performance tour in 2019. Popularly known as the lover boy in the poetry circuit, he is the most viewed Spoken Word Artist in Asia with 15M+ views. He has also given two TEDx Talks and is one of the founding writers of “Once Upon A Conversation“. Come witness is brilliance LIVE at the Social Nation Festival 2024!

Vasu Kainth

A singer, music composer, and songwriter, Vasu Kainth rose to fame on YouTube when he collaborated with the gamer, Sc0ut for the song “Chalta Hi Jaa Aagee”. Vasu discovered his passion for music at the tender age of 11. His songs like “Mai Kaisa Hu“, “Roko Na“, “Rehn Do“, “Na Pata Mujhe“, and more have received a lot of positive responses from his fans.

He broke onto the scene with his song ‘Sarphira’ and has kept up the momentum since with his latest release ‘Loriyan‘ which received over 1M streams. His other loved releases have helped grow his listener base and expanded his social media presence. And YOU get to hear him LIVE at Asia’s Largest Creator Festival!

Luv Juyal

Presenting the singing sensation and social media influencer who has captured the hearts of millions with his melodious voice and captivating performances: Luv Juyal! From humble beginnings to collaborating with industry giants, Luv’s journey is nothing short of inspiring. Starting his musical odyssey at a tender age, Luv Juyal ventured into the world of YouTube with cover songs that resonated deeply with audiences. His soulful renditions quickly propelled him to stardom, earning him a legion of devoted followers.

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See You At Social Nation!

With such great artists lined up, we are sure the 2 days are going to be a memory of a lifetime. Social Nation Festival Mumbai 2024 is a festival for fans and creators and we promise it will live up to all your expectations. While we set our stage at Jio World Garden, Mumbai for Asia’s Largest Creators Festival, don’t miss out on grabbing your Social Nation Festival ticket online at Zomato Live.

What awaits you at the Social Nation Festival 2024:

  • Live Performances
  • Meet & Greets
  • Red Carpet
  • Workshops
  • and much more!

It’s time to land into the world of your favourite digital stars. Meet, dance, sing, and learn from them – all in one place – Social Nation Festival 2024. Stay tuned as we unveil Social Nation Festival’s incredible artist lineup that is bound to make your hearts go dhak-dhak!