Recently social media platforms have once again come under scrutiny as increasingly inappropriate content is being allowed on the platform, particularly involving minors. Legal repercussions have been hinted at as platforms like Instagram and YouTube find themselves embroiled in legal battles with POCSO law hanging over their heads for their roles in hosting such content.

GoI questions inappropriate content on Instagram


Case Against Instagram

Instagram faces legal action under the Protection of Children from Sexual Offences (POCSO) and Information Technology (IT) Acts. Triggered by directives from the National Commission for Protection of Child Rights (NCPCR), the platform stands accused of hosting indecent content depicting interactions between mothers and sons.

Originating from Dakshin Dinajpur, West Bengal, these revelations shed light on online sexual exploitation. The NCPCR does not name any particular creator under this. This however has sparked discussion on social media platforms including Reddit and Twitter where people have listed out a few creators who fit the shoe.

Who could it be?
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Legal Backlash Against YouTube

YouTube India, no stranger to legal challenges, faced similar scrutiny for its role in circulating inappropriate content featuring mothers and sons. Prompted by concerns raised by the NCPCR, the Maharashtra Police initiated legal proceedings against YouTube India. Not stopping there, individual channel operators faced charges under POCSO, amplifying the legal actions through the digital realm.

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Government Intervention and the Legal Landscape

Government entities, spearheaded by the NCPCR, have stepped into the fray, demanding accountability from social media platforms. Summoning representatives and initiating legal actions underscore a commitment to safeguarding minors from online exploitation. However, the legal loopholes surrounding platforms’ liability in hosting such content remains shaky, requiring a delicate balancing act between freedom of expression and child protection.

GoI accuses Instagram of allowing inappropriate content

Challenges and Legal Terrain Ahead

The legal terrain ahead is fraught with challenges as stakeholders navigate the delicate balance between regulation and innovation. Global in nature, social media platforms transcend geographical boundaries, complicating enforcement efforts. Crafting effective legal frameworks to combat online sexual exploitation while upholding fundamental rights poses a formidable challenge to policymakers and legal experts alike.

As social media is getting all the more pervasive part of our life, it is important to keep a stronger check on the platform and take necessary actions to safeguard individuals, especially children. Government bodies vigilance and well as social media platform’s strict policies can only create an environment of security where each of us are thriving.