10 Desi Crime Podcast Episodes That Gave Us Goosebumps

The Desi Crime Podcast is a series that explores various criminal cases from the Indian subcontinent. Here are the top 10 episodes that would give you literal chills.

Shafia Family Murders

This episode explores the tragic & deadly honour killing that took the lives of four innocent family members.

Mysterious Gurugram School Murder

A two-part episode that covers the chilling murder that occurred within a school in Gurugram, India.

The Tandoor Murder

An episode that tells the story of a brutal murder in India, where the body was disposed of in a tandoor, a traditional clay oven.

This episode tells the story of Jolly Joseph, an Indian woman who was found guilty of brutally murdering six members of her family.

Not So Jolly Joseph

Nirbhaya: The Story of Jyoti Singh

This is a detailed version of the infamous 2012 Delhi gang rape and murder that shook India and the entire world.

World's Longest Catfish

This episode delves into the intricacies of a catfish scam, where an individual was deceived into believing in a relationship that never really existed!

The Kolkata House of Horrors

An episode that possibly discusses a case involving multiple homicides or extreme events that occurred in Kolkata.

The Queen of Malcha Mahal

 This episode explores the mysterious circumstances surrounding a royal family & an individual known as the Queen of Malcha Mahal.

The Death of Geetika Sharma

An episode discussing the death of Geetika Sharma, which became a high-profile case in India.

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