Toh kaise hain aap log?” (How are you all). If you have been watching videos on YouTube for a while then you know the phrase belongs to none other than the Indian YouTube legend, Ajey Nagar aka Carry Minati. This Sunday i.e. 5th September, 2021 was a treat for all everyone as Carry (aka Ajey Nagar) released not one but two videos!

A day before the release, Ajey on his Instagram announced that he will be releasing two videos the following day. Right on the next day, the notification of a new video delighted the fans, not once but twice!

The first video that Ajey released is called “Social Media Culture” The video is about the current behaviour of people on social media highlighting the influencer and hater culture. In the video Ajey sums up (of course in his own way) how people are behaving now and who all qualify as an influencer and adjacently who all qualify as a hater.

The video also brushes over the activities and actions of people on social media apps like reddit and Instagram. We could go on and on about the video but we would like you to watch it and enjoy it thoroughly. In case you haven’t watched it then you can do so by clicking on the video down below.

With Social Media Culture still making its buzz on YouTube, Ajey dropped in another cracker with the video titled “Cancel Culture Organization”. The video is a sketch where the boss of the Cancel Culture Organization takes us through the journey of finding “shit” on people to cancel them. 

Subtly the video is a reminder of the unusual toxicity that happens on the Internet with no reason at all and when it backfires, well you have to watch the video to find out what happens.

Creating records and trending online isn’t new for Ajey and just like we expected he trended again on YouTube but this time not just with one video but with both of them. Just within a day of the release Social Media Culture amassed over 9 million views and became trending number #1 while the Cancel Culture Organization got around 7 million views and became trending number #2. With these stats Ajey has once again proved that his videos are worth the wait!