Uorfi Javed, the digital star is known for her creative outfits and her unapologetic opinions, both of which we think make her the perfect choice for the Met Gala. After her “blooming dress” was all over our feed, we could not stop ourselves from obsessively looking through her fashion projects on Instagram. As a result, we have curated the top 5 looks from Uorfi’s wardrobe that would look perfect at the Met Gala 2024.

Who is Uorfi Javed? 

Uorfi Javed is an actor, a digital star and has also made waves in many reality shows. However, one identity that is prominently attached to her is that of a fashion icon, who steps out of the box, every time, sometimes quite literally. Whether you like her DIY projects or not, you surely cannot miss them. From plastic bags to telephone wires, there is nothing that Uorfi cannot transform into a fashion ensemble. Thereby, we think she would be brilliant at the Met Gala 2024.

What is the Met Gala?

Met Gala or the Met Ball is a prestigious fundraising event that is organised annually by Vogue. It is the pinnacle of fashion as the big names of the industry put their fashionable foot forward. From fashion to entertainment, from sports to politics, Met brings the biggest fashionistas from around the globe onto the same carpet.

Every year, the Met Gala has a dedicated theme which the attendees dress according to. For Met Gala 2024, the theme is ‘The Garden of Time’ and the dress code is in reference to the 1962 J.G.

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A Dive Into Uorfi’s Wardrobe 

Many of Uorfi’s outfits are an absolute head-turner. The creativity that she brings with each outfit, is commendable. Nonetheless, we have selected 5 outfits that we think will make her dazzle at the Met Gala 2024. (Met Gala, are you listening?)

5 Uorfi Javed outfits perfect for Met Gala 2024

The blooming dress

A viral sensation for the right reason, this black dress is our top choice for the upcoming Met Gala season. The yellow flower detailing on the black ballroom gown is simply gorgeous. To add to it,  the butterflies emerge from the dress at the sound of a clap, which is unique and absolutely brilliant. Overall, this dress follows the garden memo and would look perfect.

The fiery red dress 

I think we all agree that Red shouts party like no other. With a thigh-high slit and dramatic sleeves, this dress would look like an absolute stunner at the Met Ball 2024. Complimenting the red dress is the Opalina gold jewellery that makes the look put together. 

The statement green dress 

Every time we think of the word Garden, the first thought that crosses our minds is green and so we thought this green dress would look perfect at Met Gala 2024. Not only because it’s green, but the statement accessories, including the extraordinary headgear, the flower-shaped earrings and the stunning palm jewellery had stolen our hearts. 

The floral bonanza 

Some people wear their hearts on the sleeves but Uorfi Javed prefers to wear flowers on her sleeves. Another masterpiece in red, this dress is seductive and hot! The waist chain around the rim of the skirt is a personal favourite, so intricate and yet such a standout! A special mention to Uorfi’s rose-adorned hair that makes her look magnificent and obviously the rightful person to be at Met Gala 2024.

The black rose dress

Another day, another slay- if there is somebody who lives by this mantra consistently, it’s Uorfi Javed. Made with literal cutout of flowers, this black and grey dress is a show stopper for us. The dress is not only aesthetic to look at but has a profound meaning to it. It depicts the metamorphosis- a change to endless possibilities. Such a unique outfit belongs to the Met Gala, right?

To wrap it up, Uorfi Javed’s fearless creativity makes her a natural fit for the Met Gala stage. Whether adorned in floral accents or embodying symbolism, Uorfi Javed’s presence at the Met Gala is sure to be a highlight of the event, celebrating fashion’s ability to transcend and inspire.