Who is Geeta Gurjar? Top 3rd Most Viewed YouTube Channel Worldwide

A list of the most-viewed YouTuber channels around the world was out for Q1 of 2024, where Geeta Gurjar ranked 3rd, but who is she? Let's find out!

Who Is Geeta?

Geeta Gurjar is an Indian YouTuber who has substantial following of 206k on Instagram & 22.4 million subscribers on YouTube.

Professional Background

Based in Jaipur, she has experience working as a Business Process Manager at Wells Fargo Financial Services.

YouTube Debut

She made her YouTube debut in 2023, posting her first vlog as she visits Adiyogi Shiva statue in Coimbatore, India with her daughter Amaira Gurjar.

Content Theme

She uses broad humor in her videos, displaying a sense of playfulness in her content, accumulating 538.1 million views in the following videos.

Amaira has magical powers #shorts (8.3M views)

This video's title hints that Amaira Gurjar has astonishing & mind-blowing superpowers.

This YouTube short features Amaira's firsthand experience of traveling on a plane filled with excitement.

Amaira's First Time In Airplane #shorts (9.4M)

At Creators United 2024 #shorts (15M)

The duo were invited to the Creators United Awards 2024, twinning in dazzling in white & blue contrast dresses.

Amaira the Fashionista #shorts (65M)

The most viewed video of "the geeta gurjar," showcasing the sense of style of Geeta Gurjar that she passed on to Amaira, creating shining look.

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