Hi, fashion girlies! This is our 2024 Met Gala Dress Code Breakdown and a Desi Guide to make it yours this summer. This year’s Met Gala was themed “Sleeping Beauties: Reawakening Fashion,” inspired by the timeless tale of “Sleeping Beauty.” So dreamlike, right? This theme is all about bringing old garments back to life from museum collections, making them thrive once again. Celebrities like Alia Bhatt, Kylie Jenner, Gigi Hadid, Kim Kardashian, and Zendaya, took a step into a world where fashion meets history, with “The Garden of Time” as the dress code. Attendees are, as always, expected to interpret the theme creatively, but the “The Garden of Time” dress code was majorly interpreted on the 2024 red carpet as a celebration of timeless nature – giving us fairytale-like, dreamy, floral, flowy fashion and beauty.

Breaking It Down: The Garden of Time

“The Garden of Time,” draws inspiration from J.G. Ballard’s short story of the same name. Story time, girlies: Meet Count Axel and the Countess, who live secluded in a Palladian villa, passing time among rare manuscripts and music. Threatened by enemies, Count Axel uses the garden’s time flowers to reverse time until they run out, leaving their home in ruins. The theme captures the essence of timeless elegance tinged with an eerie sense of loss.

Alia Bhatt explains her inspiration behind her iconic Sabyasachi saree, “The sari’s design, with its translucent, glass-like appearance is a nod to the ethereal quality of the garden in Ballard’s story.” Alia’s red carpet look was whimsical, with ruffles, tassels, and shiny bits like sequins and gemstones. It mirrored Count Axel and his wife’s magical life in the story.

Alia Bhatt Met Gala 2024 The Garden of Time Alia Bhatt Saree

We were so inspired by this story that we got working. Which Indian influencers do we think would nail this theme to the T? This started our journey into pastel colors, soft fabrics, clean skincare, dewy make-up, and floral Indian jewelry. So, here are my personal notes:

For Skincare: Saniya Farrukh (@saniyafarrukh_)

Who doesn’t love a clean glass skin! “Glass skin,” a term from Korean beauty, means having clear, hydrated skin that glows. To get it, focus on a healthy lifestyle and a consistent skincare routine. It’s not about quick fixes or good genes; it’s about daily care and balance. We love Saniya’s product reccos to achieve that glow-from-within clean skin!

To follow the Met Gala 2024 theme and dress code IRL, we suggest going minimal with your make-up. Yes, it is the return of the No-Makeup Makeup Look. It is simple, office and college-friendly, and of course, quite quick to do. This everyday glazed look by Saniya uses the holy grail of 2024 make-up trends: LOTS of blush, highlighter, lip oil or gloss, and mascara!

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For Beauty: Nagma Mirajkar (@nagmamirajkar)

But let’s say you’re an adventurous girlie. You like your statement pieces. You like to be audaciously “extra” and you’re not shy about it. Take inspiration from Nagma’s over-the-top yet super themed butterfly-inspired make-up look. That face definitely deserves a place at the “The Garden of Time.”

Magma Mirajkar Met Gala 2024

Or you can go neutral with a soft contour and an even softer lip shade. We are here for that too! This make-up look by Nagma was worn at the recent Bridgerton premiere in Australia and it screams timelessness. Do you think the Met Gala was slightly inspired by Bridgerton this year? Not too far of a reach. Tell us in the comments below if you disagree, hehe.

For Ethnic Wear: Isha Borah (@ishaborah) and Farheen (@farheennaqi)

Taking a break from the neutrals, we are taking inspiration from the Mother of Indian Fashion on the Internet™ – Isha Borah, herself. Her dark interpretation of florals is so majestic and distinct, you’ll want your hands on this print ASAP! This is the perfect companion to cocktails, sangeet evenings, parties, and even a brunch out with the girlfriends. 

Saris exude timelessness. It, by itself, is a brilliant nod to the theme of the year. Speaking about his masterpiece on Alia this year, Sabyasachi states, “I am honored to create the signature garment of India, a sari, handcrafted from techniques handed down over generations and mastered during a lifetime of effort. It represents the history and pride of Indian craftsmanship.”

Maybe saris aren’t your thing. Too much work, too much management, too many pins. I get you, girl. You can take inspiration from the softest influencer I see in the Indian scene: Farheen. Her Indian fits, like this floral one, are bang on in terms of color, fabric, and overall Indian fairy vibes.

For Western Wear: Alanna Panday (@alannapanday) 

You heard it from me first: Alanna Panday’s entire wedding trousseau could have walked the red carpet at Met Gala this year. She is the visual representation of Indian garden pixies. Her choice of colors: pastel, neutral, white, and her choice of Indian heritage pieces, make her our ultimate inspo for this theme! This particular outfit may not seem much, but it automatically transports you to the “The Garden of Time” with its tinkerbell look and feel. How ethereal are those wings!

Bows, pearls, intricate embroidery. This dress is GIVING fairy princess. Do we need to say more? For Western Wear, we suggest sticking to statement dresses with embroidery, jewels (instead of sequins), flowy or translucent fabric, and of course, an understated magical quality about them that is so hard to describe, but so easy to witness.

On a Serious Note, Though

Beyond the fancy clothes, this year’s Met Gala is about breathing life into history through fashion. Just like the tale of Sleeping Beauty and the story of The Garden of Time, this year’s theme was a gentle reminder that every outfit has a story waiting to be told. The Met Gala theme encouraged us to appreciate fashion’s rich past, present, and future. It’s a celebration of creativity and storytelling. It is a reminder that “style” is more than just what we wear – it’s a reflection of our collective heritage and the ever-evolving narrative of this art form. Love that!