Launched in 2019, “Threads” has been one of the lowest performing apps under Meta. “Threads” was Metas response to X. It has encountered its fair share of highs, and lows, but mostly lows in the past couple of months. However, there has been a shift in momentum recently with the platform attracting more users.

And to bank on the increase in usage, Meta is now incentivizing influencers to use Threads by offering them up to $5,000 to start posting. With the latest numbers showing that the platform’s usage is rising, Meta is now looking to make another push to boost in-app engagement. While this makes Meta look desperate, desperate times indeed call for desperate measures.

Meta Threads Instagram incentive influencers 00 social media platform

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Social media expert Matt Navarra shared this latest offering by Meta to some prominent creators in its other apps of up to $5,000 to post to Threads as well. And if they get more than 10,000 views for a single post in the app, they could be eligible for a payout.

While some Threads users are already generating around 10K views on a regular basis, this cash offer is an invite-only bonus program. Meta’s additional documentation explains, “If you are invited, you will receive a pop-up notification and an invite that appears in your Professional Dashboard on the Instagram app.” Thus, this program is only available to those creators that Meta selects.

The tech giant might be targeting highly popular creators who haven’t started a Threads account yet. Since making deals with celebrities and sports teams as a means to boost interest, this seems like the next evolution of Meta’s promotional push for Threads.

Meta Threads Instagram social media platform

How To Earn Bonuses For Threads

While Meta is still testing, you may be able to earn bonuses:

  • Based on the performance of your Threads posts.
  • Based on the number of posts you create -you may need to create a certain amount of posts to earn a bonus amount per post.

In some cases, you must earn a minimum amount to receive a bonus payout. If you don’t reach the minimum amount, you will not receive any bonus payout but you may be invited to participate in another bonus opportunity in the future.

Note: Meta determines the amount you’ve earned at the end of the bonus period. The earnings from that bonus won’t be paid until the following month. Click here to learn more about Instagram payouts. You can see how much you’re earning by tapping Bonuses in the Professional Dashboard.

Non-eligible content for Threads bonuses

A post is not eligible for the Threads bonus if:

  • Your post is claimed by another rights holder.
  • It violates Instagram’s Content Monetization Policies
  • Your post is branded content – it’s currently ineligible for the Threads bonus.
  • Your post is in a language that the bonus program does not support.
  • The post includes content that is watermarked with a third-party platform’s mark, name or logo. Only Threads posts that you have created can earn bonuses.
  • Engagement appears inauthentic, for example, fraudulent views or artificially boosted views.
  • Your post is deleted. You may not get credit for the views that a post received if you delete your post.
  • The post has less than 2,500 eligible views. 
    Note: Threads views eligible for the bonus program only include views on the Threads app and
  • Your post doesn’t include text.

Meta Threads Instagram incentive influencers creators 00 social media platform

Will Threads Resurrect?

Meta launched the initial stage of this new bonus program with selected users earlier this month. The platform has increased the payout amounts now, while also increasing the number of views per post required to qualify. The hope is that this will help to fuel Threads’ growth momentum. It was recently reported that Threads has gained 20 million users since February, taking it to 150 million monthly active users (MAU) in total.

While that’s impressive, Threads is still a long way off from competing with rival X’s 550 million MAU at present. Will Meta be able to beat X by incentivizing creators? Can Meta’s focus on a more positive experience actually facilitate a more welcoming environment for Twitter cast-offs, and other users seeking a real-time social media app?

Ever since Twitter became X, the Twitteratis have been missing the pre-Musk platform. The situation hasn’t improved since Threads launched, and many former Twitter users are still looking for a new home. Maybe, if enough prominent stars come across, and bring their audiences with them, this could be another way to help stimulate the app’s growth.

Do you think this will help Threads attract more users, and will it ever be a true rival to X? Let us know in the comments below!