Highlights of the Deadpool & Wolverine Official Trailer

Get ready for a wild ride as the Deadpool & Wolverine Official Trailer drops jaws with explosive action, sharp wit, and electrifying chemistry.

Official Trailer

Starring Ryan Reynolds & Hugh Jackman, the most awaited trailer of Deadpool & Wolverine was out on April 23, 2024 with multiple clues.

Emma Corrin as Cassandra Nova

The Crown movie star Emma Corrin is cast as Cassandra Nova, who is expected to be a villain using her powers against Wolverine.

Along with Deadpool & Wolverine, the trailer hints connection with Loki as the duo is seen fighting the vast landscape just like the Void in the Loki series

Loki Connection

Ant-Man's Giant Skull

The trailer also suggests that Cassandra has turned Ant-Man's skull into her operation base. While it's unclear how it got there.

Wolverine's Costume Comeback

For all comic book fans, the MCU showcased Hugh Jackman's comic-accurate yellow sleeveless suit, evoking pure nostalgia.

Sorcerer's Portal

At the end of the trailer, Deadpool & Wolverine jump towards the sorcerer's portal (like Doctor Strange's ofcourse) to escape the Void. Although the mystery remains unsolved that who opened it after-all.

When Is It Releasing?

Presenting as an exciting MCU film (after Avengers Endgame), the movie is scheduled to premiere on July 26, 2024, at cinemas near and far from you.

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