I’m sure you’ve seen remix videos with this group of people clapping. This audio gained spotlight for a long time, with millions of views on Instagram Reels. It was only fair then that I write this article and bring to you my personal favourite remixes in collaboration with the s00bre audio.

1. Sukriti (@hisukriti)

Sukriti adds to the video by building on a foundation of relatability. She talks about trying to control not having junk food. Although, she couldn’t commit to it so she ended up ordering momos. Haven’t we all gone through this so many times? My guilty pleasure is Vada Pav, what’s yours?

2. Shibani Bedi (@shibani_bedi)

Shibani talks about all her apps getting updated as soon as the phone gets connected to the WiFi. So true though, isn’t it? She is yet again successful in using observational comedy as a catalyst between her videos and the audience.

3. Agasthya Shah (@agasthya.shah)

Agasthya talks about dancing in front of guests and being happy when they clap. Every child has gone through this stage and it makes me nostalgic. How happy it used to make me!

4. Aadil Khan (@aadilkhann)

Lastly, Aadil talks about the much-needed video of wearing the mask in the proper way. In the time when people were wearing masks below the nose or below the chin, he used this trend to educate and entertain. I’m a fan.

So here are my favourites, hope you iked them. Until my pen writes more for you, go through their content, will you?