Shazeb Sheikh is a very well-known choreographer. He was born in India on February 15, 1990. Shazeb is an Indian choreographer and creative director who has created viral videos. He’s also well-known on Instagram, where he has over 238,000 followers thanks to his dance videos. Shazeb was born in India. He has worked with actress Sanya Malhotra on a professional level. Hence, this article brings to you my personal favourites.

1. Nazar Na Lag Jaaye

The graceful dance performance with Tanvi Mehra is worth watching. The expressions, grace and the kurtas are some of the most beautiful aspects of the video.

2. Har Funn Maula

In collaboration with Svkriti Bharadwaj and Aileshmaa, Har Funn Maula is showcasing talent and highlighting their skillset. This is an absolute must-watch performance!

3. Radha Kaise Na Jale

This video in collaboration with Sanya Malhotra is killer. Their expressions, moves and choreography is on point. It, moreover, highlights how much fun they have while dancing and is highly entertaining. It’s one of my most-favourite videos and I keep watching it on loop. Try giving it a shot and tell me what you think about it!

4. Chand Chhupa Badal Mein

This video in collaboration with Alisha Singh is so graceful and Bollywood-like that I am an absolute fan. I love it. The female part, especially, is so well enacted with their moves and expressions. I’m an absolute fan. Please watch and let me know it if it makes you fall as hard as it did me!

5. Vaathi Coming

Lastly, is this highly energetic video in collaboration with Ankush Bahuguna. The video is exactly what a Ganpati Visarjan dance would be with a lot more choreography and synchronisation. I love the energy and fun it brings along. Please watch this and dance along now, will you?

I hope you loved the videos as much as I did. Well, until my pen writes more for you, I hope you check those out and have a great time.