Instagram has finally released the much awaited update which all of us had been waiting for. Creators across the platform will now be able to see Instagram Reels insights!
In a statement by Instagram:
We’re introducing new insights to help you make the most of your content strategy and better understand your reach.

Reels Insights will help creators understand how their content is performing, and what kind of reels help them reach new audiences. More insights updates account for more transparency into whom their reels are reaching by followers and non-followers. With these insights, creators can fine tune their content strategy and continue to create reels and achieve their goals!

Instagram has stated the following: 
Insights for individual reels: 
✓ Accounts Reached
✓ Plays
✓ Likes
✓ Comments
✓ Shares
✓ Saves

Reels Insights will be included in all Account Insights pages: 
✓ Accounts Reached 
✓ Content Interactions
✓ Top Content
✓ Media Library

To view Insights: 
Navigate to an individual reel > Tap ‘…’ > Tap ‘View Insights’

Besides Reel insights Instagram has also released REACH UPDATES
Updates to reach insights help you clarify what types of content are most effective at driving reach. Use Accounts Reached insights to understand who you’ve reached and how you’ve reached them.” says Instagram.

These insights can help you answer these type of questions:

Source: Instagram @kaiblue