A Clinical Psychologist from Mumbai, Sonali Gupta, talks about the need of the hour- menta health and topics that often get a backseat in public discourse. She creates content that helps us to overcome and understand that mental health/anxiety/grief/ trauma/depression is not a problem, it’s a biological response to danger that often leads to fast breathing and pumping of the heartbeat.

We, humans, face a lot of unspoken, unforeseen circumstances we can possibly imagine dealing with in a day to day life. Few people tend to speak about it openly, whereas some tend to keep it to themselves to avoid judgment of any sort.

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Adding more to her achievement, she’s the author of the best-selling book – Anxiety: Overcome It and Live without Fear. This book describes the anxiety and helps you to understand anxiety in the most exclusive way and has also mentioned the causes behind it. Gen Z and the mental and psychological problems they encounter on a day-to-day basis.

The book is divided into 3 parts
1) Understanding Anxiety
2) When/How Anxiety Strikes
3) Overcoming Anxiety

It covers topics like how to overcome panic attacks and the difference between anxiety and stress.
Sonali’s main purpose is to help everyone analyze and have better control over emotions. If you want to learn how to acknowledge your anxiety without the fear of getting judged this book would do wonders.

She participates in many live one-to-one interactions with the help of conducting webinars and Instagram live on her website – Website Link

She also has a dedicated section of her blogs in the Mumbai mirror where she highlights sensitive topics that should be openly discussed.

In a world of dance trends and reels, content that addresses human issues of mental health serves as a breather for many. Sonali Gupta and many other experts like her have been a source of knowledge and information.