When it comes to updates, Instagram might be the leading social media platform as the platform has new updates for its users each month. Instagram is now testing a new feature that will let its users pin posts to their profiles.

Just like Twitter gives the option to pin a tweet on the top, Instagram will provide the option to pin your best posts on the top of your profile. These posts will let profile visitors know more about users quickly by the key posts.

“We’re testing a new feature that lets people feature posts on their profile,” a spokesperson from Meta told TechCrunch. The new feature is currently not available to all the users. It is only available to select users on the platform. Users will have the option of ‘Pin to your profile‘ which they can select from the three-dot menu next to posts.

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Instagram tests update

Instagram first came up with the feature of pinning the stories on the user profile, then they let the users pin comments on the posts, and now the posts themselves!

Users have the option to pin stories to their profile, but this new feature would expand their ability to pin the posts. Pinning a post to a profile could be a feature that is taken positively by users who want to highlight their favorite posts. The feature could be a wonderful option for creators to highlight their best posts and videos.

As per a new report by TechCrunch, the feature is currently only live for some users as part of the testing process. These users can pin posts to the top of their profile similar to pinned tweets on Twitter or videos on TikTok. The feature has reportedly been in the works for months now. Instagram is also testing a new feature that will make it easier for users to discover support directly through hashtags.

The company is also planning to bring in the new feature to select hashtags focused on popular movements on Instagram, including #BlackLivesMatter, #womensrights, and #climatecrisis.