The entire month of May is observed as Mental Health Awareness Month worldwide. Many NGOs and independent bodies take up various initiatives to find against the taboos related to mental illnesses. Globally recognised brands also participate in different campaigns to educate people about mental health. Maybelline New York, a leading beauty products manufacturer, has inaugurated the latest Pinterest feature, Creator Editorial Spotlight for its Brave Together campaign.

Maybelline X Pinterest- Brave Together

Maybelline’s Brave Together Initiative

Maybelline New York has been a pioneer not just in the beauty industry but also in creating mental health awareness. In 2020, when the world witnessed deaths in large numbers, it severely affected the mental health of people. To aid the crumbling situation, Maybelline New York came up with a new campaign called “Brave Together” that works on creating awareness with respect to mental illnesses, mental health and the role of caregivers in the life of people suffering from mental health issues. 

As a part of the Brave Together Initiative, Maybelline plans to donate $10 million between 2020 to 2025 to various NGOs that work in the domain of mental health. It also made an earnest approach to increase conversation around mental health and hopes to make mental issues a part of mainstream just as physical illness. 

To date, for the Brave Together campaign Maybelline has partnered with JED Foundation to train people to better deal with individuals suffering from mental health issues. The role of peers becomes very important here and therefore they should be better equipped to handle the situation. Alongside, Maybelline has sponsored plenty of wellness events to strengthen their Brave Together initiative which aims at creating a sturdy platform for mental health awareness. 

Pinterest and Maybelline

In the year 2023, starting from the 1st of May, Maybelline partnered with Pinterest, a leading social media platform, to further its Brave Together reach. Pinterest conducted research to understand GenZ’s behaviour when it comes to mental health. 

In its report, it stated that GenZs are resorting to more creative ways to deal with mental health problems. Techniques such as journaling and music therapy are increasingly being searched and followed by the cohort to work towards their mental health. 

Acting on its finding, Pinterest partnered with Maybelline to work on a behavioural health campaign that caters to the creative need of GenZs in improving their mental health condition. 

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To work towards their partnership, using the Creator Editorial Spotlight, both Pinterest and Maybelline have collaborated with the famous content creator, Isabelle Dias, who creates short videos of activities that can help improve one’s mental health. She works on this in 3 parts- self-improvement activities, wellness activities and self-care activities. 

Isabelle Dias’ mindful activities keep in mind the busy schedules of people and how little time we as humans can dedicate to our mental health. These routines are easily doable and have a significant impact on the mental health of an inidividual. 

As a part of the Brave Together Campaign, both these brands have encouraged people to talk about their issues and their ways of dealing with the issue in short videos. All the Brave Together content, including Isabelle Dias’s videos, is available for Pinterest users. They can access all the content through the search bar. 

The Partnership through the leadership

“Maybelline has always believed in the power of making things happen in your life,” Trisha Ayyagari, the global brand president of Maybelline New York, said in a statement. “We know that mental health is critical in feeling ready to do that. As part of our Brave Together initiative, we’re thrilled to be partnering with Pinterest to highlight the different ways that younger audiences are finding healthy and creative ways to navigate anxiety and depression.”

“Pinterest is one of those safe spaces for creators and consumers to go to enhance their creative juices, and it’s a relaxing platform. It’s not a platform that has tons of noise; it’s very inspirational,” said Jessie Feinstein, SVP of marketing for Maybelline. “It’s a very important platform for us with Brave Together because it’s the place where people go to, kind of, alleviate anxiety and depression.”

The Brave Together Initiative by Maybelline is a truly remarkable initiative for all those suffering from mental health issues. Pinterest partnering with Maybelline on this will give the initiative the right platform to reach out to more and more people.