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In the middle of a local train chaos – we encounter a transgender celebrity radiating positive energy that beams with a hearty smile, and has won the hearts of many people. That’s Pooja Sharma Rekha for you.

All decked and dressed up in a beautiful silk saree, with many ornaments complementing it. She became successful at a young age and gained immense recognition via social media. Her viral videos during lockdown acted as a booster and inspiration

She enters Mumbai’s local trains and entertains passengers with her beautiful singing and dancing skills. Seeing her perform the passengers together chipped in money and got Pooja a new phone, where she started posting pictures and videos of her on Instagram and later switched to MX taka tak.

Everyone who saw her resembled her with Rekha for her elegance and glam outfit. She was renamed ‘Rekha‘ and now enjoys her glory with renowned stardom.

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Pooja also collaborates with a lot of dance studios, events, and the launch of high-end stores. She has collaborated with many famous Instagrammer – Devesh Mirchandani being the guest of honor. Bringing to you all a very cute glimpse of them dancing together on a local train.

Adding more achievements to her life, she’s also the brand ambassador of – ‘ohoojaipur

Pooja is often seen interacting with her followers and greets them with a bright smile which has her a tag of an humble person. Smahing all steroetypes and gender biasness towards the community, Pooja is truly a force to reckon with.

Let’s join hands together to empower more beautiful women transwoman like Pooja and greet them with the humility the community deserves.