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How often do we get distracted by reels and instead of spending fifteen minutes on Instagram, spend more than an hour? Often! Here’s a new feature by Instagram to prevent you from spending more and more time on the gram and giving you the ‘quiet time’ literally!

“Today, we’re launching Quiet mode on Instagram to help people focus and to encourage people to set boundaries with their friends and followers. Once it’s enabled, you won’t receive any notifications, your profile’s activity status will change to let people know and we’ll automatically send an auto-reply when someone sends you a DM.” announced Instagram on 19th January in their blog.

Source: Instagram blog

They also wrote about how teens have admitted to them that they occasionally wish to take some time for themselves and that they may be looking for better strategies for focusing at night, while they study, and in class. When the feature is switched off, they’ll display a brief summary of alerts so you can catch up on what you missed. You can easily change the Quiet mode hours to meet your schedule.

Quiet mode
Source Instagram blog

Quiet mode is available to everyone, but it is a reminder for teenagers to utilize it after a certain amount of late-night Instagram time. Everyone in the US, UK, Ireland, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand can now use quiet mode, and they will shortly expand their availability to more countries.

Quiet mode on Instagram
Source Instagram blog

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Managing Recommendations

Instagram is rolling out new capabilities that let users tell what content they don’t want to be recommended to them in order to give users more control over the information they see on the platform.

First, you may now select to hide many items of uninteresting material at once in Explore. In addition, if you choose not interested on a post that you saw in Explore, we’ll try not to offer similar content to you in the future in Reels, Search, and other places.

Source Instagram blog

Next, even though you can currently block comments and direct messages (DMs) that contain certain terms, they are now extending this capability to include suggested posts that you might see on Instagram. They are attempting to stop recommending material that has those phrases in the caption or the hashtag if you add a word or list of words, emojis, or hashtags that you want to avoid such as “fitness” or “recipes.” This is accessible in the Privacy settings’ Hidden Words section.

Instagram option
Source Instagram blog

Support Teens’ Experiences with New Tools for Parental Monitoring

Instagram wants to assist parents to be more aware of the decisions their kids make and make it easier for them to have conversations with their teens about their settings through Family Center and monitoring tools, in addition to giving teens additional opportunities to manage their time and experiences on Instagram.

instagram post
Source Instagram blog

They recently launched a feature that allows parents to view their teen’s Instagram privacy and account settings. Parents will be notified if their kid updates a setting so they may chat with their teen about the change. Now, parents may see accounts that their adolescent has blocked.

Quiet mode on Instagram
A visual of Quiet mode

These changes are a part of their continuous efforts to give users more control over their online experiences, including how much time they spend there and what kinds of material they encounter.