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Good news for Instagram enthusiasts, Adam Mosseri, chief of Instagram, claims that the platform has focused too much on promoting videos and will attempt to shift its emphasis back to images in 2023.

The statement was made by Mosseri as part of his weekly Q&A session on his Instagram Stories.

As per Mosseri: “I think we were overfocused on video in 2022 and pushed ranking too far, and basically showed too many videos and not enough photos. We’ve since balanced, so things like how often someone likes photos versus videos, and how often someone comments on photos versus videos, are roughly equal, which is a good sign that things are balanced.”

Mosseri goes on to say that keeping the correct balance in this area will be crucial because photos will continue to be the app’s primary focus.

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Is Instagram a photo-sharing app? Is the focus on Stories? Have Reels taken center stage, or is Instagram merely attempting to do so in order to eliminate yet another possible rival?

As Instagram tries to re-align with the more genuine, engaging experiences that launched the initial version of the platform, users will start to notice more photos slipping back in.

This, as already mentioned, is wonderful news for Instagram users who have long pushed for the app to stay true to its origins. Over the past two years, Instagram feels like it has because more video focused, and in particular, more Reels, have invaded user feeds and altered the app’s vibe.

Users spent more time in the app, video became a significant priority. Static images will remain unchanged; if showcasing more photos results in increased engagement and time spent, Instagram will continue in that direction.

However, if Reels turn out to be the main factor, you’ll see more of them!