Being pregnant is one of the couple’s most cherished life phases! Moving from being husband and wife to being parents is indeed a big step.

Blessings and love to Shoaib Ibrahim and Dipika Kakar, a power couple, as they embrace parenthood this year. The couple is expecting a child.

One of the most well-known couples in social media and television, Shoaib and Dipika, are expecting a child. To share the happy news with friends, family, and well-wishers, the couple posted heartfelt images on each of their respective social media accounts.

The couple shared this photograph on Instagram on Sunday, referring to it as the “most beautiful phase of their lives.”

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Timeline of their passionate love story!

They met on the set of “Sasural Simar Ka” and instantly fell in love. After dating for three years, Shoaib and Dipika accepted their love for one another in an interview and got married in 2018. Indeed, it’s a match made in HEAVEN!

The couple frequently reveals glimpses of their endearing relationship through their social media accounts, vlogs, and YouTube videos. Their most recent YouTube video, “Most Special Announcement,” is currently trending at #2 and has 4 million views in just 24 hours!

For the pregnancy announcement, both Shoaib and Dipika wore all-white outfits: she went with a dress, while he went with denim and a white shirt. Their caps were facing backward, and they both laid their heads close to one another.

Shoaib’s headgear read “dad-to-be,” while Dipika’s had the words “mom-to-be” printed on it.

Shower them with all your love and blessings as they prepare themselves for this new chapter!