Day 2 of vivo V30e Social Nation was an even grander celebration of the creator economy and its fans! From electrifying dance and music performances to heartwarming poetry and storytelling sessions to hilarious comedy sketches – we left no stone unturned to ensure YOU have the best day, night, and weekend!

Whether it was watching so many talented creators perform LIVE or witnessing a fashion extravaganza on the Red Carpet or meeting your favourite creators, Day 2 screamed “entertainment, entertainment, and entertainment!” 21st April, Sunday had some of the best and biggest moments in store for the audience!

Let’s take you through some of the precious moments that went down on the vivo Sundowner stage that will be remembered forever!

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Yashraj & RJ Kisna Set The Vibe

On a day packed with high-energy performances, Yashraj Mukhate and RJ Kisna took it up a few notches as they made the entire audience jam to their single ‘Saste Nashe‘. Yashraj also made the crowd groove to his insanely famous and viral mashups like ‘Tuada Kutta Tommy‘.

vivo V30e Social Nation Festival 2024 best moments day 2 yashraj mukhate rj kisna saste nashe

Munawar In The House

Comedy sensation and recent Bigg Boss winner Munawar Faruqui has an envious fan following amongst the youth. This ‘Dongri ka ladka‘ won hearts with his heartfelt shayari.

Be YouNick’s Nusta Raada

Nikunj Lohiya is unique in every way for sure! Be YouNick lit up the Social Nation stage with his song ‘Nusta Raada‘ which he wrote the same morning! Can you believe it? Along with Munawar, Be YouNick killed it on stage with their energy.

vivo V30e Social Nation Festival 2024 best moments day 2 be younick munawar faruqui

Ananya Pandey x SoPositive x Social Nation

Not just creators, it was raining celebrities at the Social Nation Festival 2024! Ananya Panday attended the event with a special vision in mind. SoPositive is a Digital Social Responsibility (DSR) initiative by the actress to raise awareness on social media bullying and build a safer community.

And what better place to talk about these issues than Asia’s Largest Creator Festival? Ananya hosted the SoPositive podcast at Social Nation where she interviewed various creators. Meeting her at the Meet & Greet booth and watching her LIVE on stage was a dream come true for many.

vivo V30e Social Nation Festival 2024 best moments day 2 ananya panday sopositive podcast content creators


The fashion queen painted the Red Carpet a hot red with her stunning outfit! Uorfi won hearts right from walking the carpet to meeting her fans, interacting with the creators, and going up on stage.

Karishma Tanna

The ‘Scoop‘ actress graced the Social Nation Festival 2024 with her presence to announce her podcast “The Karishma Tanna Show” on Spotify. She indulged in some fun ‘gujju‘ banter as she engaged with the fans.

vivo V30e Social Nation Festival 2024 best moments day 2 content creators Karishma Tanna


Prajakta Koli a.k.a MostlySane is, of course, one of the most loved creators in the country. When she took the stage to perform on a medley of songs, the crowd could not stop hooting and cheering for her throughout! Then ‘Nach Punjaban‘ from ‘Jugg Jugg Jeeyo‘ played and Prajakta jumped into a super energetic zone.

But what happened next, was something NO ONE was prepared for. The superstar himself, Varun Dhawan grooved onto the stage and danced along with her!! The crowd went berserk to see VD in flesh performing in front of them. The night could not have ended in a better way!

Amongst these stellar performances and moments were Ankush Bahuguna & Shibani Bedi, Shirley Setia, Sushant Divgikr, Sumukhi Suresh, Nidhi Kumar, Dharmik Samani, Himanshu Dulani, Wazir Patar, Khullar G, 7 Bantai’Z, Mansa Jimmy, Zaid & Anam Darbar, Agasthya Shah, Art Guy Rob. Neha Nagar, Dipraj Jadhav, Helly Shah, Amandeep Singh, Mortal & 8-Bit Thug, and many more creator’s mindblowing appearances!

We are still not over the legendary weekend that was the Social Nation Festiva 2024! You had to be there! It’s ‘Where We Belong!’