The Internet is a bizarre place. Social media platforms have turned into one of the most influential places on the internet. It only takes minutes for a new trend to set foot on these applications that suddenly spread like wildfire. There are plenty of fun trends on social media that capture the attention of users and keep them engaged. The latest trend that has caught the internet’s attention is the “look between your keyboard.”

The Keyboard Trend

Here’s how it works: Someone posts a prompt and then encourages people to find the answer to the prompt in the letters on their keyboards. Sometimes they’re clever, and sometimes a little silly. However, many of the memes being posted have no meaning behind them, besides the intention to cause confusion with nonsensical letters.

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How It Began

It all started with a meme, according to Indy.100, which was posted on 4Chan, an image-based website that lets users post and comment on images anonymously in May 2021. The post featured a character from the anime series K-On called Yui Hirasawa along with the phrase “Look between T and O on your keyboard”.

On a keyboard, the letters Y, U, and I between T and O spell ‘Yui,’ a character from an anime series which is about girls who form a band through their high school’s music club. Since this post went viral, people have been making variations of the “look between your keyboard” memes. 

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While the exact cause of the trend’s delayed explosion remains a mystery, the internet’s history is filled with such unpredictable viral sensations. From social media users to meme pages to brands, everyone jumped on the bandwagon of memes.

Let’s take you through some of the best ones:

Delhi Police

In a witty post on X, the Delhi Police used this trend and warned people about texting while driving. This is what it said:

The letters between Q and R are ‘W’ and ‘E’, meaning ‘we’. How cool and hilarious is that for a government organisation to post? We absolutely loved it!

When law and order speak the language of the generation, it is meant to be understood,” said an X user. Another commented, “Haha. Catching every trend aptly!” “@DelhiPolice never fails to leave any trend on social media! The Unique way to guide the public to follow the rules,” posted a third.


We agree. “JK.”

Prime Video India

Here’s another one by Prime Video, referring to “JK” – a character in the popular show “The Family Man S2”.


The legend. The OG. Himesh Reshamiya’s “O Huzoor” can never be forgotten. It will be forever iconic.

Tinder India

This one’s aww-dorable! The answer is ‘U’ & ‘I’ ❤️

BlinkIt and Netflix India also used this format in different situations.


Ajio be dropping truth bombs onto those with toxic relationship habits! ‘Y’ is the question we all struggle to find the answer to 🥺


Bringing back Golmaal‘s iconic Lucky, played by Tusshar Kapoor, this meme definitely made us LOL!

Here’s a reminder to update yours.

The Contrary Reaction

While many are having fun with this keyboard trend, people are also saturated with it. “Too much effort to open my keyboard to look between letters. I’m just gonna assume you’re very smart and funny, well done“, wrote one user.

This trend is really testing everyone’s brains, and some are done with it altogether.

The “look between your keyboard” meme’s ongoing popularity highlights the internet’s ever-changing cultural landscape. It seamlessly adapts to different fandoms, showcasing the internet’s ability to spark creativity and connection. How do you feel about this Keyboard trend?