In the ever-evolving landscape of content creation, some tools iterate, some refine, but a select few push the boundaries altogether. Enter Mr. Ajay Yadav, the visionary architect behind Simplified, an AI tool that’s nothing short of avant-garde. Simplified isn’t just another grammar checker or plagiarism detector; it’s an end-to-end assistant, poised to revolutionize the way creators approach their craft. Intrigued by the intersection of human ingenuity and artificial intelligence, we sat down with Mr. Ajay to delve into his vision, the journey that led to Simplified, and how this groundbreaking tool empowers creators to achieve new heights.

How did you foray into the content creation industry?

Being in the States and having so many friends and connections in the content creation industry exposed me early on to the potential it has. I also make it a point to keep a pulse on Gen Z and have wonderful friends who started early and are now major content creators. I knew this industry was gonna boom, and looking at the incredible content we see online today, I guess I was right!

What was the vision for Simplified when you started and what is the vision today?

Simplified started as a design tool to help users ease their design process. We noticed that Canva, while powerful, had become extremely saturated and overwhelming. We wanted to provide an alternative where different teams could easily collaborate in the design-to-execution process.

Today, Simplified has taken on the challenge of becoming the only platform you need to create content online. Be it writing, designing, video editing or even social media management, Simplified offers AI-powered capabilities to provide end-to-end support to your creations.

Simplified Ajay Yadav Artificial Intelligence

Why should a content creator use Simplified?

Because Simplified is quite literally designed to keep creators at the center of our focus. I say this often, if you want a tool that helps you with a few tasks here and there, you can go ahead and use whichever tool you like. But being a content creator takes discipline, time and active efforts to actually excel. And we know that. 

This is why our platform supports every step of the content creation journey for all mediums of content.

So if you’re as committed to your journey as a creator as we are towards making it just a bit easier for you, you should try using Simplified. 🙂

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Can you briefly explain the multiple tasks that Simplified can offer to a content creator who is just starting?

Of course. Simplified offers AI-powered content creation and management tools within one platform. You can use our AI writer to write any content from blogs to post captions, our AI Designer to design graphics or even generate images, AI Video to edit and generate videos with text prompts, and even our Social Media AI to efficiently link and manage scheduling and posting content from within the platform across all your accounts. 

Additionally, you can also collaborate with your team and track tasks using our Project Management tool. 

If you’re a content creator, Simplified is the only tool you need!

Ajay Yadav Simplified Artificial Intelligence

With AI in the picture and the basis of Simplified employing AI, how do you think content creation is going to change?

AI is revolutionizing content creation by democratizing creativity and enhancing efficiency. At Simplified, we leverage AI to lower barriers for creators, allowing them to focus on their vision while AI handles the technical heavy lifting. This leads to more personalized and adaptive content, streamlining the creative process and enabling creators to fine-tune their work with utmost precision.

Moreover, AI has encouraged new forms of expression and storytelling, transforming creators from sole originators to curators and collaborators.

How does it feel to be on the Forbes 30 Under 30 list?

It was like a validation for every ounce of effort that I had put in. I had spent nine months getting rejected before landing my first investor. Without incubator batchmates or Ivy League contacts, I built my entire network from scratch. It reassured my belief that if you keep your head down and solve a problem, the next time you look up, you’ll be closer than you think. This is exactly what I’ve carried with me at Simplified.

What do you think of the creator economy in India and its impact?

The creator economy is booming in India. I’m lucky to call a lot of creators friends here, and a lot of them now have global recognition. I think even with Gen Z, we are only going to see more and more creators, and India will dent the creator economy worldwide.

Simplified Ajay Yadav Artificial Intelligence

What are the 3 goals you have set for Simplified this year?

This year, our primary goal is to expand Simplified’s reach to more creators, small business owners, and founders. We aim to democratize access to AI tools, making them affordable and usable for a broader audience.

The second is to maintain a leading edge in AI technology. As advancements emerge, whether they’re new features or enhanced capabilities, we are committed to incorporating them promptly. This ensures our customers always have access to the latest innovations without delay.

Lastly, we’re excited to introduce a new all-in-one subscription plan. Priced at about $30, this plan offers tremendous value by providing comprehensive access to all our apps under one Simplified fee. This initiative responds directly to customer feedback, meeting the demand for an integrated, cost-effective solution.