Artist Announcement: Meet Bigg Nerds at Social Nation Festival 2024

The biggest nerds from P-Town are all set to arrive at the Social Nation Festival in Mumbai, so get ready to laugh until your stomach hurts.

What Is Social Nation Festival?

Social Nation is a 2-day festival for creators and fans. Immerse yourself in the world of your favourite digital stars. Meet, dance, sing, and learn from them—all in one place.

From The Beginning

The group of nerds began with two childhood best friends, Ansh Chopra & Chirag Limbachiya, and eventually joining Shravan Chauhan in their clan.

They began creating content in April 2021 on Instagram, showcasing their their comedic timing and humorous style.

Content Inception

Unfiltered Copy

They primarily focuses on creating unfiltered and humorous content, aiming to entertain their audience with relatable and light-hearted content.

In The Spotlight

The gang came in the spotlight when their video with from mimicking Orry to actually making content with him went viral.

Major Collaborations

They have collaborated with various other creators, but also big celebrities like Pankaj Tripathi, Sai Tamhankar, Mrunal Thakur, Mohan Sisters & more.

Quirky NERDS

The trio have a positive influence by providing engaging, relatable, & humorous content that appeals to the young audiences, Gen Zs.

Exciting News!!

Get ready meet & greet the nerd culture represent, Bigg Nerds LIVE at the Social Nation Festival, held on 20–21 April'24. Have you booked your tickets yet?

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