The Vivo V30e Social Nation Festival was held sometime back but we still can’t get over all that we witnessed in those 2 magical days. The fact that we saw so many talented creators perform live was beyond our imagination. The fashion extravaganza we saw on the Red Carpet would put any fashion to shame. The sheer joy we experienced seeing you all meet your favourite creators is a feeling we will savour for a long time! Among this plenty of aww-dorable moments, we still have a few favourites we absolutely cannot get over! Join us to know the cutest moments from Day 1, that have made our hearts smile. 

The heartfelt moments

From everything that went on for those two days, the meet & greet was definitely the most heartwarming one. When creators meet their fans, it’s an overwhelming feeling for both- the creators experience an unparalleled amount of love and the fans get to meet their heroes, their role models. And for us, you may ask, we are perfectly content being the catalyst in this wonderful exchange!

If we’re listing the most standout moments, the first that comes to our mind is that time when the Funcho duo Dhruv Shah and Shyam Sharma played Garba with their fans in the fully-Funcho-style.

When a fan very cutely expressed her feelings to Hamza Syed, we also were all eyes, just like him! The absolute cutie that Hamza is, he also video-recorded a message upon the request of a fan, I mean!

Cutest moments from Social Nation Festival Day 1

We know Sonali Bhadauria is a powerhouse of energy and talent but when the talented dance creator matched the steps of a fan at the meet & greet, it was indeed ‘the’ performance for us!

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Tarini Shah has the cutest smile that can light up any room she walks into. We thought it was almost impossible to brighten it any further but we were wrong. When a fan gave a hand-written letter to Tarini, we saw the biggest smile we ever saw. 

Cutest moments with Tarini Shah from Social Nation Festival Day 1

That time when Viraj Ghelani gave a strict warning to Sambhavi’s mom to stop watching a show is absolutely pure gold.

The cute banter between Viraj Ghelani and Kusha Kapila was another highlight for us because we did not see that coming; it in fact healed something we did not even know was broken.

Cutest moments between Kusha and Viraj from Social Nation Festival Day 1

The Funcho duo are extremely hilarious and that’s a known fact! What happens when their hilarity meets the humour and talent of Rajkumar Rao? Well, the fun factor touches infinity and the same happened on the stage of the Vivo V30e Social Nation Festival. 

This of course nowhere comes close to all the happiness we felt throughout the two days because no amount of words can express that. Stay tuned until we come back with many many more such moments because let’s admit it, the hangover of Asia’s Largest Creator Festival is legit guys!